How Much Does Photo Scanning Cost?

Photos cost between $0.17 and $0.45, depending on quantity, resolution, and whether the photos arrived loose or in albums.  The photo pricing grid is presented below:



Price (per photo)

Loose - High Res.


*Super Saver*



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Let’s look at some real-world numbers.  In 2020, our average loose photo across all customers, quantities, and resolutions cost about 22.9 cents apiece. 

Album customers also received excellent pricing, with a cost of 32.3 cents apiece, on average.

So how do you keep photo scanning costs down?
  1. Send in higher quantities of photos.  We offer our customers significant price breaks when they send in all of their photos at once (see photo scanning cost grid above).  Some customers feel more comfortable having us do the work in smaller chunks, but the pricing is not as good in these cases.  Our best price for loose photos is 17 cents … when you send in lots of them!
  2. Take all the pictures out of albums and frames and combine them with your loose photos.  Customers who leave them in the albums pay a price 10-16 cents higher than customers who send in loose photos.  In 2020, 87% of all photos scanned were loose, versus 13% in album pictures.  On larger orders, this will literally save hundreds of dollars!
  3. Choose regular resolution (300 dpi) instead of high resolution (600 dpi).  While high resolution definitely has several advantages, customers who are primarily focused on cost gravitate towards regular resolution, especially if they plan to view their photos primarily on computer, TV, and phone screens.  The difference on the grid is four cents across the board.  But a four-cent difference on several thousand photos will save a couple of hundred dollars.
  4. Keep your number of photo groups to 30 or less.  Unlike all other companies, we offer free named groupings on all photos, up to and including 30 groups.  Each group above 30 costs an extra dollar.  It may not sound like much, but we focus mostly on larger orders, and customers who send in 100 groups will pay $70 in folder/group charges.  You can easily save that money by creating fewer, larger groups.  No other company offers this … most competitors charge $5 or more per group, starting with the first group!
  5. Choose cloud delivery versus other delivery methods.  It’s a flat $10 for cloud delivery, and you can add as many email addresses as you like.  You heard that right – we will literally deliver your grouped digital photos to your entire extended family and friends for $10 total.  That could encompass dozens of people and email addresses.  It’s the best delivery deal in the country.  When we started in 2015, nobody did it.  Last year in 2020, nearly 1/3 of our customers took us up on this offer!

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You will find other companies charge anywhere from 35 cents up to several dollars per photo.  

This photo scanning project should not be difficult for you to complete with our help.  We usually finish the job within five business days of receiving, and we do it all right here at our headquarters in the Atlanta area.


With the low cost, you also get:

  • Free image rotation
  • Free cropping 
  • Free color correction
  • Free sharpening
  • Free folder system (up to 30)
  • Free DVD (if you want a DVD)
  • Free return shipping
  • 5-day turnaround
  • Unlimited cloud distribution to your family and friends for $10 total


There is no better time to start this project than right now.  Don’t let those photos fadeClick this button and begin the process right now!

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