Slide Scanning

When was the last time you pulled out your slide projector to view your old slides?  We already know the answer … odds are that it was before 1985. There was a time when the slide projector and slide carousels seemed poised to take over the world. Granted, their heyday was the 1950s through the mid-1970s, after which other forms of media began to render slides obsolete. But Kodak continued making the Carousel projector all the way through October 2004. Which means that there are tens of millions of households that still have their slide projectors and slide carousels. Like photographs, slides are prone to deterioration after a period of time.

Customers who have large quantities of photographs and slides gravitate towards digitizing the photos, but not the slides. Historically, there wasn’t a good way to digitize slides. Either it was too expensive, or digitizing services didn’t want to purchase the equipment required. (That’s actually still the case … try getting anyone else to digitize slides for less than 30 cents per slide on a regular order!)  We’ve changed all that, though.  We’ve worked hard to get our processes efficient enough to bring you super high quality at a fair price and fast turnaround time.

Bill F. – “ I was extremely pleased with Memory Fortress.  I had about 500 old slides from the 70s, 80s, and 90s that my parents had taken and were nearly destroyed by water from a broken pipe in my basement.  Memory Fortress digitized them all and now I have them both on my home PC and backed up in the cloud so they are preserved for the future.  Memory Fortress did a great job and completed everything they said they would do.”

Memory Fortress wants all of your slides. Customers with large quantities of slides tend to be older citizens, and they have a special problem. Their younger family members are usually unaware of the thousands of slides that are stashed away around the house. Those memories are at least as valuable as the ones in the albums and shoeboxes!

We take the same care with your slides as we do with your photographs. The technology is slightly different, but the end result is the same. We digitally crop the edges of each slide just a hair to give them all a nice clean edge, something that wasn’t possible 50 years ago. Of course, we will automatically rotate any slides that we receive that are obviously upside down or backwards.   You will receive a beautiful collection of digitized images on your flash drives and DVDs, as well as all of your slides, packaged in the same way as we received them.

If you choose for us to distribute them to loved ones as well, they won’t even know that the images they are viewing were once slides, not photographs! Slides are scanned at 2,000 or 4,000 dpi, your choice.

All slides are scanned and processed at our headquarters in metro Atlanta by US citizens.