As you start your project to digitize family videos, you might realize the sheer amount of video footage you have in your records. Most families have a mixture of priceless memories – like your daughter’s wedding ceremony – and less essential footage – when you forgot to turn the camera off. The average VHS tape can hold 120 minutes of video, or two hours of content. Smaller camcorder tapes, if you’re converting MiniDV tape to digital, might hold less footage, but you are still left with long family videos. You need an app to edit family videos to pull out the most relevant footage. 

There are multiple tools online for home movie makers to edit family videos and upload them online. You can easily highlight the most important moments and send them to your family. Here are a few options to explore if you need to know how to edit home videos to cut down hours of footage.


1. iMovie

iMovie is Apple’s proprietary video editing tool. It is available on many Mac computers and can be used on your iPad or iPhone. This system is meant to be basic and intuitive. It is ideal for trimming parts of your family videos that you no longer need and adjusting the volume so the content is easier to hear. 

This app is free to use, which is ideal if you need something basic to edit family videos. However, one of the drawbacks is that the files can become very large during editing. You may need to look into options to upload your videos to YouTube or DropBox in order to save your iPad’s storage space.

2. Wave.Video 

Wave.Video says it is one of the easiest video creation platforms to use. This platform is made for people who don’t have technical video editing or photoshop skills but still want to make quality content. Not only can you learn how to edit your home videos easily within this app, but you can also use different templates and images to introduce the videos. Historically, families would label videos with a pen or marker to remember what was included in the recordings. With Wave.Video, you can create a landing page at the start which shows what content is included. 

This editing option is ideal if you want to create a family YouTube channel or if you want to easily organize your videos with thumbnail images instead of relying on text names.

3. Vont

Vont is another basic app if you want to make minor tweaks to videos without investing in a whole video editing system. The main purpose of Vont is to add text to videos. You can choose from several fonts and colors and then place your text easily over the video. This is a great way to add important information to the video footage, like the content, date, and people included. 

This app also allows you to export your edited videos so you can easily share them online with friends and relatives. 

4. WeVideo

If you are looking for a system that is a little more advanced than simply adding text to your footage, consider WeVideo. This company markets itself to businesses as well as individuals. It offers more video editing features without getting overly complicated. If you feel confident navigating different software systems and want quality family videos, this app might be ideal for you. 

This software system isn’t entirely free. You can access the basic features for free, but this limits your storage options and the quality of the videos you save. For $5 per month, you can store up to 20 GB of footage, a significant increase from the 1 GB offered in the free plan. You can also save higher-quality videos. You might want to invest in the upgraded version if you need to sort through hundreds of tapes to edit family videos. Check out the WeVideo software to see if it meets your needs.  

5. Splice

Splice prides itself on its intuitive editing, which makes it easy to break up long family videos into short clips. For example, in a two-hour video of a kid’s birthday party, you can pull out the 30-seconds where everyone sings Happy Birthday and the child blows out the candles. This allows you to edit family videos to find the most important events. 

This app is available both in the App Store and in Google Play. While it comes with other editing features (like a large music library to choose a soundtrack that plays over the video) its main focus is clipping down long videos. Splice was developed for people who want to start editing videos but have no previous experience. 

Digitize Your Memories and Edit Family Videos

Video editing is easier than ever. You can clip unnecessary parts of home movies, add thumbnails to recognize the content, and enhance the audio to hear important speeches and comments. You don’t even need to know how to edit home movies or have any video editing experience. All you need to do is download an app to your phone or computer and start exploring the video editing features. 

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