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The Minimum Order is $99

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VIDEOTAPES (base pricing is to DVDs, optional conversion to MP4 is +$4 per tape)








Per Tape (DVD Deliverable)







MP4 Conversion (per tape)







PHOTOS (converted to JPG format, priced per photo)


Up to 1,500

Up to 3,000

Up to 5,000

Up to 7,500

Up to 10,000


Loose Photos at 300 dpi







Loose Photos at 600 dpi







Photos in Album at 300 dpi







Photos in Album at 600 dpi













SLIDES (converted to JPG format, priced per slide)


Up to 500

Up to 1,000

Up to 2,000

Up to 3,000

Up to 5,000


Slides at 4,000 dpi







SCRAPBOOKS (converted to JPG format, priced per page/side)


Per Page

Scrapbooks scanned at 300 dpi


Scrapbooks scanned at 600 dpi


*minimum order $99

MOVIE FILM (converted to MP4 format, priced per foot)

Movie film (measured in feet)







Film (price per foot)







+Add DVDs (optional)







NEGATIVES (converted to JPG format, priced per image)

Negatives, per image


Medium Format (up to 3"x3")

Large Format (over 3"x3")

Glass Plate

Negatives at 4,000 dpi





Color Correction





FULL LIST (this should cover everything else we do!)

Items (minimum order size is $99)


Return Shipping to Customer


1st DVD


Each Additional DVD


Cloud Delivery



Flash Drive (16GB)


Flash Drive (32GB)


Flash Drive (64GB)


Flash Drive (128GB)


Flash Drive (256GB)


External Hard Drive (1 Terabyte)


Digital Folder System (1st 30 folders FREE)

$1.00 per folder above 30

Medium Format Negative (up to 3″x3″) @ 4,000 dpi


Large Format Negative (size > 3″x3″) @ 4,000 dpi


APS Cartridges

$18 per cartridge

Kodak Disk Film

$35 per disk

Audio Reel-to-reel

$69 per reel

Super Large Scanning (up to 24″x36″)

$16.99 per scan

Scan Images As TIFF

+$0.15 per scan

Replace Photos in Albums

+$0.20 per photo

Special Format Videos (Beta, PAL/SECAM, 3/4" U-Matic, etc.)

+ $20 per tape

Videotape Repair

$20 per repaired tape

DVD Replication

$9.00 per DVD

Floppy Disk Conversion

$9.00 per floppy disk

Large Format Slides (>2"x2")

$1.79 per large slide

Slides in Metal Brackets

+ $0.20 per slide

Stereo Slides

$0.95 per stereo slide

Kodak Disk Film

$35 per disk

Convert Customer Disks to MP4 format

$6 per customer disk

Transfer Customer Photo CDs

$9 per customer disk

Transfer Customer SD cards

$9 per customer SD card

Convert Customer CDs to MP3 format

$9 per customer CD

Backwards Conversion - MP4 to DVD

$25 per DVD

$99 Minimum Order

As a premier bulk scanning and digitization facility, Memory Fortress has always maintained a $99 minimum order size since we opened for business in 2015.

Memory Fortress encourages customers to send in larger quantities of old memories to digitize, rather than 1-2 videotapes or a small handful of pictures or slides.

We are best at the larger, more complex orders that involve multiple family members or even several generations of an extended family.

Memory Fortress has partnerships with smaller local scanning facilities that are better equipped to handle orders in the $30-75 range, and we will direct customers to those facilities when appropriate.


Handling Charge

There is a $15 handling charge accompanying media and photo scanning prices for all orders covering the costs of all the little extras that enhance the customer experience.

First and foremost among these benefits is a lifetime emergency backup of all data, which means that if your house burns down or is flooded, and you lose all of your personal belongings, your precious memories are safely backed up with us. 

Just give us a call or shoot us an email if you want us to retrieve your backed-up memories for you.

We cover other costs: bubble wrap and other packing material, boxes, tape, stickers, thank you notes, and data entry into multiple redundant systems designed to safeguard your data and memories. 

As always, return shipping is 100% free to the customer. Memory Fortress pays for all return shipping.

Military Discount

Memory Fortress was founded by supporters and past members of the United States military forces. 

We have a firm allegiance to this country, its traditions, and the various uniformed services, including military, law enforcement, and firefighters.

As such, we proudly offer a blanket media or photo scanning price discount of 5% on the entire order for any member, former member, or proud supporter of our men and women in uniform. 

Just mention that you fall into one of these categories, and you will receive a 5% discount. Additionally, anyone you refer to us will receive this discount as well.

All work happens right here at our facility in metro Atlanta, processed by US citizens.

We Serve All Of The United States

It is our pleasure to serve all 50 States.

Our customers rely on us to deliver top-quality video and photo scanning resolution for their memories that is affordable, with a fast turnaround time.

When you need a service to digitize pictures or convert 35mm film, 8mm camcorder tapes to DVD or digital USB, we hope you will choose Memory Fortress.

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