Negative Scanning Service

Use Our Negative Scanning Service!

  • State of the Art Negative Processing by Skilled Technicians!
  • Pricing for 35mm:  75 cents per image at 4,000 dpi
  • Individual color correction is only 50 cents more, restoration also offered. 
  • Medium format negatives are $1.79
  • Turnaround time is 7-10 days
  • Deliverable Files are JPEG (ask about TIFF options)
  • All negatives are returned in the same condition.
  • Memory Fortress covers return shipping
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers have trusted our negative scanning services with their most precious memories!
35Mm Negative Film E1531619528159

35mm negatives

110 Negative Film
Film 126 Large E1531619618576 350X100 1

126 film negatives

New Roll Of Film 291610 M

Prices and Devices


Pricing for Processing

  • 35mm – 75 cents each


Additional notes:

  • Medium format negatives – $1.79 each
  • Large format negatives – $4.49 each
  • Glass plate negatives – $9.49 each
  • Hand color correction on all formats – 25 cents each
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Delivery Options

Delivery Pricing

  • USB flash drives – same as on the Pricing Grid (8GB=$12, 16GB=$20, 32GB=$25, 64GB=$33, 128GB=$45, 256GB=$65), all fully loaded.
  • External hard drives – $145 for a fully loaded 1TB Seagate external drive. Custom pricing on drives greater than 1TB.
  • Cloud delivery  $10 flat charge.  Cloud link is active for 14 days after you pay.
  • DVDs – no additional charge.
  • Additional DVDs – $9 per DVD for the 2nd and all subsequent copies.

Sharon P. – “Memory Fortress made this so simple and were very easy to work with; from the shipping, to the finished product, the turnaround time and the affordable prices.  I definitely will be working with Memory Fortress again in the near future for all my scanning needs…pictures, negatives, etc.  Thanks!!”

Additional Details

Remember the negatives you used to get with all of your photographs? They were really thin, didn’t take up much room, and when you gave some of your printed pictures away to loved ones, you felt fine about it because you “still had the negatives.”

But you never looked at them again, did you? They went back in the drawer, or in the shoebox, or maybe they are still in the big fireproof safe you have. So while you are protecting them, you aren’t really enjoying them, and crucial bits of family history are not readily accessible, and certainly are not being shared. At this point, you are probably hard-pressed to hold your negatives up to the light to see what’s on them. And yet, you have thousands of negatives, some of them going back 50 years or more. You have a multi-dimensional problem – your memories are present, but not viewable by anybody, and they and the memories on them are fading after all these years.

Those negatives are valuable memories with no future value in their current state.  They have to be brought into the modern era with all of your other forms of media with the help of a negative scanning service. While negatives tend to be the highest quality analog items in everyone’s collection, they are also the least viewed and most forgotten.

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Digitize Negatives Scanning Service

Our Background In Negative Scanning

We know everyone out there has them. They may be in shoeboxes, or in picture frames, or in big, heavy albums. Many of them have been passed down from parents and grandparents, yellow and fading. They are in attics. They are in closets. They are under every bed in your house.

They are the photographs that comprise the vast majority of the memories of days gone by. And you have thousands and thousands of them. Chances are, you cannot identify everyone in those photographs, because … well … a lot of time has gone by and the people who you thought you would remember forever …

We know. This was the same reason we started Memory Fortress. At the time, there wasn’t a very good way to get your photos digitized, organized, and tagged. As it turns out, people took action only when a big event happened, usually a family wedding or funeral.

But we wanted to make it so easy and so inexpensive to preserve memories that the photo scanning operation was the first business we launched.  The process takes no more than five business days and costs as little as 17 cents per photograph.

Most people who send in negatives are more particular about high-quality images. Of course, old negatives may have degraded some overtime while sitting on the top shelf of the closet. Memory Fortress’ negative scanning service uses two forms of color correction to bring old memories on negatives back to life. Many negatives skew red or blue, depending on the original manufacturer of the film. While we can’t take away the tinting entirely, we can remove much of it, leaving you with a much crisper, clearer, sharper image than you thought you had.  Our technicians are skilled at editing and work on each image to bring out the best possible quality!

This all begs an obvious question: If you have both the negatives and the printed photos, which ones should you send to Memory Fortress? Well … good question! We are glad you asked. Generally, digitizing the negatives will lead to a higher quality image. Since the printed photo is a copy of the negative, you are essentially making a copy of an existing copy by scanning photographs. However, it is less expensive to process the photographs. So if cost is critical, send in the photos. If the image quality is very important, send in the negatives to our negative scanning service, since negatives have the purest available image.

What about deliverables and timing? Processing negatives takes a little bit longer than processing printed photos, but we turn most negatives around within 5-10 business days. For very large quantities, we will call and let you know it will take a little extra time. Each negative is scanned one at a time, and undergoes a process that maximizes the clarity and sharpness of the image. We do not rush this process.

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Negative Scanning Service

All negative scanning happens right here at our facility in metro Atlanta, processed by US citizens.

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