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Please take the time to gather everything you want to send to us for the scanning process! Customers often send a second box after the first one, filled with all the memories they found after the first box was shipped.  There are more detailed instructions on our Organizing Memories page, but here is a quick checklist: 

Loose Photos – Make sure you’ve got them separated in named groups, if grouping  

Assuming everything is properly organized, it’s time to get your box—nearly all of our customer’s ship via UPS, FedEx, or the US Post Office.

Make sure you pack the boxes as tightly as possible and use packaging aids like bubble wrap, newspaper, or other material to ensure little or no movement inside the boxes during transit.

Wrap each package tightly with tape; you don’t want the boxes coming apart before they arrive!

Memory Fortress Processing

Your boxes will arrive in our shipping room, where they will be photographed and moved over to the production facility for the scanning process.

You will receive another email (or phone call in some cases) that your box(es) arrived safely. 

Once in production, a team member will move your order to an available workstation, weighing the entire order on a scale. 

At this point, your order has been assigned to one or more team members and a dedicated workstation. 

All of your materials will then be placed in reinforced bins, which are clearly labeled. 

Any organizational instructions you may have written will be followed at that time. 

Your materials will not leave that workstation or the control of your assigned team members until the scanning process reaches completion.

Quality Checks, Delivery, And Payment

A supervisor will double-check both the work and the original materials to verify that the job has been completed correctly. 

Once this quality control measure has taken place, we will pack up your materials in our boxes, weigh them again to ensure it matches the original weight, and move them from the production room to the shipping room. 

At that point, we will send you the final invoice and follow up with a phone call to discuss the invoice to confirm that you are receiving the correct devices you specified, and to take any remaining payment over the phone. 

Once we have received payment, we ship everything back to you. Your files are then backed up on our servers for 90 days. All return shipping is FREE, as long as the order meets our $99 minimum and is delivered to the lower 48 states.

All work happens right here at our facility in metro Atlanta, processed by US citizens.

2180 Satellite Blvd Suite 400 Duluth, GA 30097
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday, Sundayclosed

Local Atlanta walk-in customers MUST have an appointment for prompt service. This applies to both dropping off materials, and picking up materials as well.