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Customer Testimonials

“Memory Fortress transformed my grandmother’s old photos into brilliant digital copies. Their photo digitizing service breathed life into our family memories!” 

Anna L

My wedding VHS tape, once deemed lost, was flawlessly transferred to a digital file format by Memory Fortress. Their VHS conversion technique is impeccable!”

James M

Treasured Memories: Preserving the Past with Photo and Video Digital Conversion Services

In today’s digital age, where technology constantly evolves, it’s easy to overlook preserving our precious memories.

Old photos and videos, often stored in shoeboxes or dusty VHS tapes, hold irreplaceable moments in time, capturing the essence of our lives and the people we love.

However, these physical forms of media are susceptible to degradation over time, fading, deteriorating, and potentially losing their sentimental value forever.

This is where photo and video digital conversion services step in, offering a lifeline to these cherished memories.

By converting your physical media into digital formats, you can safeguard your memories for future generations, ensuring they remain accessible, enjoyable, and shareable.

Memory Fortress, a leading photo and video conversion service provider specializes in breathing new life into your old media.

Our expert team carefully digitizes your photos, slides, negatives, and videos, transforming them into high-quality digital files that can be easily stored, organized, and shared.

Here are some compelling reasons to consider utilizing photo and video digital conversion services:


  1. Preservation: Digitizing your physical media ensures that your memories are safeguarded from the ravages of time, protecting them from fading, scratches, and potential damage.
  2. Accessibility: Digital files are easily accessible and can be viewed on various devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets, making it convenient to revisit your memories whenever and wherever you want.
  3. Sharing: Sharing your digitized memories with family and friends is effortless. You can easily upload them to cloud storage, create digital albums, or share them on social media.
  4. Organization: Digital files can be easily organized and categorized, making finding specific memories simple and creating personalized slideshows or videos.
  5. Space-Saving: Digitizing your physical media frees up valuable physical space, allowing you to declutter your home and store your precious memories securely in the digital realm.

Memory Fortress offers comprehensive digitization services tailored to your specific needs. They can digitize your photos, slides, negatives, VHS tapes, 8mm films, and more, providing you with high-resolution digital files that capture the essence of your original media.

In addition to their digitization services, Memory Fortress offers DVD and USB flash drive options for storing your digitized memories, ensuring they remain accessible and protected. They also provide personalized customer service, guiding you through the process and addressing any questions or concerns.

Don’t let your precious memories fade away. Entrust them to Memory Fortress and transform your physical media into timeless digital treasures that can be cherished for generations.

Conversion Services FAQs

What steps should I take to prepare my slides for scanning at Memory Fortress?

Begin by using compressed air to eliminate dust and hair from the slides. Then, gently clean both sides with an anti-static brush, available at camera stores. For more stubborn smudges, consider using a photographic emulsion cleaner like PEC-12 in a well-ventilated area, following the product's instructions carefully.

How are negatives scanned at Memory Fortress?

All negatives are scanned in a 24-bit JPEG format, ensuring a balance between image quality and file size, suitable for most digital storage and viewing purposes.

What is the best method for digitizing old photos and videos through Memory Fortress?

Utilizing a professional photo digitizing service like Memory Fortress ensures that your photos are preserved with care and enhanced quality. Their specialized scanning services are designed to handle various formats and quantities efficiently.

What scanning resolutions are offered by Memory Fortress?

Memory Fortress offers two resolution options: a standard service at 2,000 DPI (equivalent to a 6 megapixel file) and a higher resolution service at 4,000 DPI (equivalent to a 16 megapixel file), catering to different needs and preferences for image clarity and detail.

How does Memory Fortress handle the digitization of old video tapes?

For old VHS and other tape formats, Memory Fortress employs specialized techniques to transfer these memories digitally, ensuring the preservation of video quality and integrity. They offer specific services for VHS and film transferring, catering to various old video formats.

Can Memory Fortress convert more than one tape to a single DVD?

No, each tape is transferred to its own DVD to maintain the quality and organization of the content. This approach ensures that each video retains its original integrity and is easily accessible.

What if my question about Memory Fortress services is not covered in the FAQs?

For additional inquiries or specific concerns, Memory Fortress encourages customers to call (678)902-8756
to speak with a technician, call their customer service during business hours, or send an email for further assistance.

Are there any restrictions on the types of VHS tapes that can be sent for the prepaid fill-the-box service?

Yes, the service strictly accepts standard VHS, VHS-C, and Hi8 tapes. Items like 8mm reels, BetaMax tapes, or any non-standard videocassettes are not eligible. Also, damaged or copyrighted tapes, as well as professionally produced content like TV shows or movies, will be returned without transfer.

How can I digitize a large collection of photos with Memory Fortress?

For bulk photo scanning, leveraging a service like Memory Fortress is ideal. They offer specialized bulk scanning services that can efficiently handle large quantities of photos, converting them into digital formats.

What video formats can Memory Fortress convert to DVD?

Memory Fortress can convert standard VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, and mini VHS tapes to DVD. They specialize in transferring these formats while preserving the original video quality.

Can Memory Fortress handle high-resolution photo scanning?

es, Memory Fortress offers up to 600 DPI photo scanning, which is sufficient for most requirements. They provide examples and detailed information about their 300 and 600 DPI scanning capabilities on their website.

Are there any limitations on the types of photos Memory Fortress can scan?

Memory Fortress can scan photos as small as 3"x3" and up to 8"x10" in size. They do not scan cropped, cutout, or oddly shaped photos; all photos must be square or rectangular with straight sides.

How does Memory Fortress ensure the safety and confidentiality of my photos and videos during the scanning process?

Memory Fortress prioritizes the security and privacy of your materials. They process all orders at their Duluth, GA headquarters and do not view customer videos except for quality assurance and compliance with copyright laws. They also erase all data from their hard drives after successful transfer.

What happens if my order is delayed or lost during shipping?

Memory Fortress recommends using USPS tracking and confirmation services for added security. However, they do not assume responsibility for any loss or damage to materials during transport by third-party couriers. Customers are advised to read their full terms and conditions for more details on their policies.

Can Memory Fortress provide custom file naming or organize images into separate folders on the DVD?

Due to the volume of photos they handle, Memory Fortress cannot offer custom file naming or organize images into separate folders. They recommend using file renaming software after receiving the DVD for personalized organization.

What if the quality of my tapes is too poor for DVD copying?

Memory Fortress charges for the conversion service regardless of tape quality. It's advised to review tapes beforehand, as refunds are not provided if the tape quality is too poor for copying or if the tape cannot be played or viewed.

Can the DVDs created from VHS tapes be edited or saved to a computer?

DVDs from Memory Fortress are formatted for home theater DVD players and are not primarily designed for editing. However, with appropriate software that converts VIDEO_TS files to editable formats, you can edit these movies on your computer.

Are the DVDs from Memory Fortress compatible with DVD players from different world regions?

Yes, the DVDs created are region-free. However, Memory Fortress only accepts NTSC VHS tapes, meaning tapes from outside the U.S. may not be compatible for transfer.

What is the policy for scanning professional copyrighted materials?

Memory Fortress cannot scan professionally taken images that are copyrighted, including material from books, magazines, and postcards, unless a valid copyright release from the photographer is provided. This policy is strictly adhered to, with no exceptions.

How does Memory Fortress handle privacy and confidentiality with customer's home movies?

Customer videos are considered private, and Memory Fortress staff do not view them except for the beginning for compliance with Federal Copyright law and random spot checks for quality assurance. They ensure the utmost confidentiality and privacy in handling customer's personal memories.

Can Memory Fortress scan tiny or irregularly shaped pictures?

The smallest acceptable photo size is 3"x3", and all photos must be either square or rectangular. Irregularly shaped photos, or those with non-straight sides, cannot be scanned.

What is the turnaround time for completing a scanning order?

Most photo scanning orders at Memory Fortress are processed within 5-10 business days from receipt. After digitization, the order is mailed back to the customer.

Can I request my photos to be scanned in a specific order?

Organizing photos in a specific order is possible, but it requires an additional fee. Without this option, photos are organized by size and scanned in numerical order.

How does Memory Fortress handle the archiving and quality of scanned images?

Memory Fortress' high-speed scanning is designed for personal archiving and sharing, not for creating museum-quality enlargements. They do not offer refunds for high-speed scans and cannot guarantee individual quality control due to the volume of scanning operations.

Can Memory Fortress convert PAL format videos to DVD?

No, Memory Fortress only accepts standard NTSC format tapes (such as VHS, mini VHS, and VHS-C) for DVD transfer. They do not handle PAL format conversions.

What if my photos are curled or bent, can they still be scanned?

Photos must be removed from any adhesive or album pages and should be free from curling or bending before sending them for scanning. Preparing your photos properly ensures the best scanning results.

How secure is the delivery of my photos and videos back to me?

Upon completion, all orders are archived at Memory Fortress for 15 days as a backup. They recommend USPS for delivery and suggest adding tracking and confirmation services. However, they do not guarantee delivery and are not liable for loss or damage during transport.

How do I track my order during the shipping process?

To track your photo shipment, enter your tracking number into a Google search. Google recognizes tracking numbers from major carriers like USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

Can Memory Fortress transfer old 8mm movies to DVD?

Yes, Memory Fortress can transfer 8mm tapes/reels, along with standard VHS, VHS-C, and Hi8 tapes. Visit their Video Transfer section for more details on these services.

Can Memory Fortress handle encrypted videotapes for duplication?

No, Memory Fortress cannot duplicate videos if they have encryption, irrespective of their origin. They abide by legal standards and their equipment automatically suspends transfers of encrypted tapes.

How does Memory Fortress handle copyright issues with VHS tapes?

Memory Fortress strictly adheres to copyright laws and cannot transfer copyrighted movies, TV shows, concerts, or other copyrighted content. Customers must ensure they hold the rights to the content they send for digitization.

What happens if the quality of the original photos is poor?

While Memory Fortress uses advanced scanning technology, the quality of the original photos impacts the final digital output. They advise reviewing your photos beforehand, as they cannot enhance or correct poor-quality originals during scanning.

What are the procedures for scanning professional photos or those taken in studios?

Memory Fortress cannot scan professional studio photos or copyrighted material unless a valid copyright release is provided. This includes photos from studios like Olen Mills or Sears Portrait Studios, as well as wedding photographs by professional photographers.

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