Our Military Connection

We are an American, veteran-friendly company proud to support our United States Military. The founders of Memory Fortress are either veterans or come from families with solid military backgrounds. We believe deeply in a strong, proud USA; a big part of that is documenting the country’s history. That doesn’t mean relying on NBC or CNN; it means relying on YOU. Your history is too important to us to let it blow away in the wind, unremembered and unappreciated.

You have worked hard your whole life. You have raised a family or have been a part of a family. You have sacrificed so that your family can benefit. You may have even served this country in some capacity, whether in a military or civilian role. The history of our country is not whatever the media decides is essential today; the country’s history is YOU.

We offer our deepest thanks and appreciation to those who have served in combat for your sacrifice. You are the best this country offers and serve as a shining beacon for those who follow in your footsteps. We think that preserving your legacy is more than worthy of remembrance. It is so worthy that it’s the reason we started Memory Fortress.

We want to digitize the memories of this great nation, and we want military veterans to lead the way. Please share this post and spread the word. Our prices are already super low, so we don’t have any silly sales or other nonsensical promotions. However, a military discount is available to all veterans, current US military personnel, retired police officers, and firefighters. Thank you for shaping this great nation!

As an owner of this military-friendly company, I am proud to honor our nation’s armed forces. You have kept us safe for well over 200 years. The chaos in other parts of the world has not and will never happen here because of people like you. Protecting the nation has been your job, and preserving the nation’s history is our job. We thank you for your service!

Keith Osbon

Founder of Memory Fortress and US Army veteran