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What if YOU are the family historian?

Are you the family historian?  The one with all the knowledge of the family’s ancestry?  The person with the most pictures and videos?  The keeper of the piles of old negatives?  The scrapbooker of the family?  If so, you probably feel an excessive burden sometimes, especially around holidays when the extended family gets together.  They all look to YOU for the images, the knowledge, the answers.  And you may not always have them. Fortunately, there are now best practices around preserving and organizing the memories of an extended family (not just your own household, but those of aunts, uncles, cousins, and other close relatives).  As we look forward to the holidays this year, here are a few tips to help you and your family preserve the past so everyone in the family can enjoy old memories.  And do so without being stressed out!  Now is the time to begin to think about getting your memories digitized.   Communicate with extended family members NOW, well before the holidays. Ask them to send you as many memories as they can. Specifically, photo shoeboxes, photo albums, 35 mm slides and negatives, scrapbooks, VHS tapes, and camcorder tapes. As you gather them from extended family members,...
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