Preserve Family Memories With Memory Fortress

The loss of a parent can push entire families into mourning.

Not only are you grieving the loss of your mother or father, but your kids are also working through the death of a grandparent.

Your cousins, nieces, and nephews are also struggling with this loss.

Fortunately, you can preserve family memories while sharing them with your relatives.

By digitizing photos and video recordings of your parents, whether on your own or through a photo-scanning company, you can remember your parents after death and share your favorites with everyone else who loved them.

There are multiple ways to keep family memories safe for future generations.

These steps ensure everyone can contribute their mementos and easily share the images and videos.

Digitizing Photos And Video Recordings

1. Ask Your Family Members To Collect Their Memories

The first step to remembering parents after death and preserving family memories is letting your relatives know you are starting this project. A few of your family members might be eager to help you collect and curate family photos and videos of your parents. 

This is also an excellent time to expand your family history project beyond your parents. By digitizing your memories now, you will have these images for decades without worrying about losing them to wear and sun damage.  

Regardless of where your family members live, ask them to collect their photos and videos of your parents and other family members. You can go through closets, drawers, and storage areas to find where rolls of film or albums are hidden. You might be surprised by the many photos your parents and relatives have collected. 

2. Pull Together Film, Videotapes, And Other Media 

As you work to preserve mom and dad’s memories, know you aren’t limited to photos. Over the years, you and your parents likely collected memories in various formats. You have smartphone video footage, voice recordings, and digital images online.

However, you might also have endless VHS tapes from your old 90s camcorder. You likely have print photos and even 35 mm slides with essential family memories. These souvenirs can form a timeline of your family’s history.

The best way to complete this project is to collect and digitize all your souvenirs simultaneously. You don’t want to drag out the work where you scan photos for one month and then sort through VHS recordings later.  

Old Photos To Cd Or Dvd

3. Digitize Your Memories In One Format 

The main reason why you are pulling together all of your memories at once is so you can turn them all into one easy-to-access format. Does your TV still have a VHS player? Where can you get the film developed?

If the answer to these questions is no, you could risk losing some of your favorite family memories forever. 

Even if you know how to access older technology, younger generations still need to. Your kids or grandkids might need to learn what floppy disks are, much less what they are used for.

Once your family has pulled together your photos, videos, and slides, please send them to Memory Fortress. Our industry-leading technology allows us to scan pictures and videos quickly – even when they are the most sensitive images.

Our team can work quickly to complete your project in a few business days, which means your digitization project can be completed much sooner than expected.  

4. Create A Hub To Store These Memories 

Once our team at Memory Fortress completes your digitization project, you can easily preserve family memories in one format and one place. You can organize your memories by year or event so your family members can easily find any photos or videos they seek. 

Consider creating a central hub where your relatives can find these digital photos and videos. For example, you can store the memories in Google Drive, so your family members (no matter where they live) can always look up the photos they care about. You can also look into services by Dropbox to store your photos. 

The steps you take to organize your family memories can outlive you. Your children can continue uploading family events to this storage hub and building your family history. You never have to worry about your family memories getting lost during a move or accidentally damaged in storage.

Vhs To Dvd Conversion Service

5. Share Family Memories As Often As You Can

Your family memories aren’t meant to be hidden in an attic storage bin or digitally lost in your computer files. The best way to archive your family memories is to share them as often as possible and continue telling the stories behind the photos and videos. 

You share your photos and videos online with other family members in multiple ways. Post pictures on Facebook and Instagram with captions highlighting what is in the image.

Your children might not know that their grandfather served in the Vietnam War until you upload photos of your dad in uniform. 

Images, videos, and other souvenirs help us save family memories, but stories keep these memories alive. Now, you can easily access images from decades of family history to make sure your parents continue to live in your heart and in the minds of your relatives. 

Digitizing Your Memories

Take Steps To Preserve Family Photos Today

Losing a parent (or both parents) can be incredibly difficult. It would be best to have time to grieve and process this loss. Sometimes, you have to relearn your world without a parent there to guide you.

Fortunately, you can remember your parents’ favorite events and traits after their death by scanning their images and home movies to a CD or DVD.

When ready, gather your family memories and send them to Memory Fortress. You don’t need to know exactly how many photos and videos you send; an estimate is fine. You also don’t have to pay for your project in advance.

All we ask is for a $29 deposit so our staff can know to expect your prints and tapes. 

You can click the Order Now button to send us photos and videos or learn more about our process and pricing to plan your project.

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