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Your Memories Are A Mess … They Don’t Have To Be

We need to ask you a very important question … Where are all of your photos and videos right now? Think about it for a second.  It’s likely that the answer isn’t as obvious as it may seem.  You’ve probably got some on your phone.  Others are on your computer, and still others may be in a cloud service.  Then there’s your old phone, and the iPad. Facebook.  Flickr.  Google Photos.  Not to mention the old pictures in the attic, in the shoeboxes, in the closet, and under the slide projector that no longer works.  You get the idea. Your memories are spread out everywhere, but they aren’t organized in any meaningful way.  Even if we at Memory Fortress converted all your old analog memories to a digital format, it doesn’t mean that you’ve integrated our work with your more recent digital pictures.  Putting your hands on an old picture takes some serious work! It’s sometimes even harder to find your newer pictures as well.  It doesn’t have to be that way. In an ideal world, you’d have all your memories consolidated in one place, then spread out to multiple copies (cloud, external drive, phone, etc.).  And these memories would be highly organized, tagged,...
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Organizing Memories Is Stressful, But There Is A Solution

You read the headline right. Most people KNOW where nearly all of their important memories are.  The reason that they experience considerable stress isn’t worrying about lost memories; it’s about knowing just how long a full-scale organizing and digitizing project will take.  For many families, this is easily a 150-200 hour task.  That’s right … close to a full month of work.  And that’s just focusing on the memories in one house. Many extended families have memories spread out among multiple houses, in multiple states.  The thought of even getting your arms around the scale of the project can be overwhelming.  Organizing memories is full-time work. Here are some (but not all) of the many comments we hear nearly every day when people call us: I have 25-30 photo albums, and all the pictures are stuck to the page, I can’t get them out to scan them. We have 2,000 slides, but the slide projector no longer works. There are boxes of VHS and camcorder tapes in the garage … all home movies! … but we can’t play them anymore. My mom died and we found all these film reels in the basement … I have no idea what is on them...
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