There’s never a bad time to start a photo digitization project to protect your photos. The act of packing and shipping your photos to our team is a great way to make your print photos more sharable while ensuring you will always have digital copies of the pictures. 

However, it’s understandable that sending away your mementos also comes with stress. You need to trust that our team will take care of your analog memories and return them to you in the exact same condition as we received them.

Do not worry. Our team at Memory Fortress has several quality and safety checks built into the scanning process. We make sure that your memories are protected and that the digital scans meet your quality needs. Here are five ways we protect your photos from start to finish.

1. Every Package We Receive is Weighed 

The process to protect your photos starts as soon as your package is carried into our workspace. We have a receiving team that logs and weighs every box as soon as it arrives. 

First, we do this to confirm the receipt of your box and match the contents to your order. (This is why we ask you to start your order online before shipping your memories to us. We need to be prepared to receive the box.) Our manual overview process ensures that the correct memories are scanned and sent back to you. Not only does this process protect your photos, but it also protects your privacy. 

Next, we weigh each box upon receipt to record what you sent us. When the time comes to return your memories, we will weigh the box again. The two numbers need to match before your order is ready to be returned. If the weight is off by even a few grams, it could mean that a photo slipped off of a pile and is missing from your order. 

By weighing each box, we ensure that all of your memories are returned to you. You won’t miss a single photo, slide, or tape from your shipment.

2. We Take Photos Throughout

Our team at Memory Fortress believes in documenting each process. We will take photos of the unopened box you send us to provide proof of how it arrived. We will then open the box you and take photos of the contents inside. Finally, we will photograph the contents we remove from the box. 

These steps will protect your photos and document the condition they arrived in. We highly encourage customers to pack their memories carefully and seal their boxes tightly. While most delivery services are careful with the contents they receive, there is always a possibility that the shipment is damaged during transit.  

Use our guide to organize and pack your memories safely to reduce the risk of damage during the shipping process.

3. Your Photo Scanning Project is Then Assigned to a Desk

The next way we protect your photos is to assign them to a single desk where they will be scanned. Once your photos are placed at a desk, they will not be moved until we are ready to ship them back to you. Why? Movement creates risk and increases the potential that something could get lost. If your photos move from one desk to another, a few images could get left behind. 

This process ensures your photos are never separated from one another and are only handled by a limited number of our employees. In most cases, only one person will work on your project and digitize your memories. This is another way to protect your photos and privacy. 

Assigning your photos to a specific desk also ensures the project is completed in a timely manner. You don’t have to worry about our scanning technicians juggling multiple projects at once – with the risk of yours getting lost in the shuffle. Instead, the person assigned to your memories will be completely focused on your project until it is complete.

4. The Memories Are Stored From One Day to the Next

Our team will do our best to complete your project within a day, but some orders take longer than others. If you submit a larger order, it might take multiple days for our team to digitize each photo. We take steps to protect your photos whenever your memories aren’t actively being scanned

Our team at Memory Fortress has access to robust containers designed to protect your memories overnight. Every photo, video, or scrapbook is placed in these boxes which are closed until they are ready to be worked on. 

Once again, this is designed with your privacy in mind. No one will see your family photos and cherished memories on the scanning desk just because the team member assigned to the project walked away.

5. Your Photos Are Weighed and Shipped Back Carefully

As soon as the photo scanning is complete, your project will enter the quality assurance process. A manager will review the scans to make sure they meet your quality expectations and our standard of care. After completing the QA checks, your photos are then carefully boxed up and prepared for shipment. 

Before we ship your photos back to you, we will once again weigh them. This is the final check to make sure every memory is accounted for. We also take photos of this process to prove that your memories will be returned in the safest way possible. 

You don’t have to keep your memories after we digitize them. Plenty of people throw out their old prints once they have digital copies. However, we promise to protect your photos so you can hold on to these cherished prints and albums as long as you want to.

Choose a Scanning Service That Will Protect Your Photos

We know that you have plenty of options when deciding where to send your memories for digitization. However, our team takes extra steps to protect each image and respect the privacy of our customers. We appreciate the trust you put in our services and strive to exceed your expectations. 

When you ship your photos to Memory Fortress, you are placing your prints in good hands. Start your order today and take the first steps to enjoy digital, lasting memories that will never fade.