Digital Picture Frames

Digital Picture Frames


How to order

Since this is mainly for still pictures playing in a slideshow, just order the frame from here and we’ll load it for you! We can load your photos that we just scanned, or we can load your existing digital photos that you share with us. Either way, it’s a great gift!

What are the limitations?

For frames with a flash drive connected in the back, it’s the size of the USB flash drive. The smallest one we provide is 16GB which covers 5,000 – 10,000 photos! You are not going to run out of space with this option!

There is a cloud-based option as well (no flash drive) with similar size limitations.

Do still pictures play as a slideshow?

Yes, and you are able to control the speed of the pictures as they transition.

How many of these should I get?

One per common room in your house, plus your bedroom. Lots of customers place them around their houses, with different eras playing in different rooms. The 1960s playing in the den, the 1970s in the kitchen, the 1980s in the dining room, and so on.