As the year comes to an end and holiday events dot the calendar, the age-old question starts to form in your mind: what do you get the person who has everything? We all have someone in our lives who is impossible to shop for. They either already have everything they need or they don’t seem to want anything. As a result, you spend weeks trying to find the perfect gift to show them how much you care. 

Don’t worry, our team at Memory Fortress has you covered. Even if it’s Christmas Eve, you can still find an ideal gift for your family member. Here’s why a photo digitization gift card is a wonderful sentimental gift idea for your relatives.


1. You Can Preserve Your Memories for a Lifetime

You might not remember every gift you have received in the holidays past, but the memories you created will can a lifetime. Who can forget the year your dog ate half of the turkey? Or the Christmas when it snowed and your whole family had a snowball fight? While you might have printed photos and videotapes of these memories, they will start to fade over time. 

Most VHS tapes weren’t designed to last more than 10 years and fewer TVs come with built-in DVD players. This means you risk losing some of your favorite videos as technology moves forward without you. Even old photos can fade and could get damaged by sunlight, moisture, and other elements. 

Digital files can preserve these memories for decades to come. By giving your relative a photo digitization gift card, you can ensure your family memories are safe. At Memory Fortress, our gift cards are applicable for all of our services, including video digitization, scrapbook scanning, and any other media preservation you need. 

2. Relive Old Memories on Christmas Day

Consider the presentation of your gift when your relatives open up the photo digitization gift card you buy them. Instead of simply unwrapping a gift card, pull together a few of your favorite photos and memories to share with your family. Add a printed photo from your wedding or include your graduation video in the gift. This is a great way to highlight how important digitizing memories is for your family. You can even spend Christmas morning going through old photo albums and telling stories before shipping everything off to be scanned. 

Some families are fortunate enough to live near each other and visit throughout the year. Other families only get to see each other at major events. Whatever your relationship with your relatives is, make time to relive some of your best family memories and share how much they mean to you.

3. Discover Old Media From Years Past

Do your kids look at VHS tapes like they are technology from the stone age? It’s hard to believe that people used to carry around bulky cameras in special cases to film family events – especially when anyone can create cinema-quality videos through their smartphones in the modern era. As new technology enters your home, it’s easy to forget about these old tapes and recordings. Some of your family members might not have seen these videos in years. 

A video and photo digitization gift card is a sentimental gift idea that gives you back this footage. Your kids can see what you were like at their age while your parents can watch videos they haven’t seen in decades. In some cases, it might seem like you are viewing this content for the first time because you forgot what was filmed. This is a gift for you as well as your family.

4. Help Your Relatives Declutter Their Homes

Even the most well-meaning gifts can add clutter to the home. This year, give your family members the opportunity to create space by digitizing print photos, videotapes, and other media. 

When your relatives send their old media to Memory Fortress, we send them the digital files and return the existing media in the same condition we received it. Our staff actually weighs every order when it is received and shipped back to make sure every tape and photo makes it back in the box. However, you can decide what to do with it once the media is returned. Plenty of customers choose to throw out boxes of bulky VHS tapes they don’t know how to watch anymore. 

With a photo digitization gift card, you might be surprised by how much space opens up for your relatives to use. They can reclaim entire drawers and free up closet shelves now that they aren’t packed with cassette taps, loose photos, slides, and other dated media.  

5. Give the Gift of Time With Scanning Services

Photo digitization is quickly becoming a popular activity for people who want to share older memories online and protect the media they so carefully curated. However, this is also a heavily time-consuming process. While you can download an app to scan photos, the process is slow. You can only scan one photo at a time and it takes even longer to edit and crop the images. 

With a photo digitization gift card, your relatives can complete their digitization projects within a few hours. All they have to do is box up all of their photos, let us know to expect them, and ship the memories to our office. Our team will take on this entire project and will make sure each memory is scanned and saved. 

With a gift card from Memory Fortress, you can turn a major project into a simple task – saving your relatives several days and even weeks of work.

Buy Your Photo Digitization Gift Card Today 

Whether you’re an early shopper preparing for the holidays or scrambling to come up with a sentimental gift idea on Christmas Eve, our team at Memory Fortress is here to help. You can purchase a gift card with just a few clicks and choose your own denomination. You can even send the gift card directly to their email address. 

Buy a photo digitization gift card today or learn more about the process of working with Memory Fortress.

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