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What to do BEFORE You Digitize – Memory Fortress

Digitizing memories is an exciting way to preserve and relive cherished moments. Whether it’s old photos, video recordings, or audio tapes, preparing these items for digitization is crucial for a successful transition from analog to digital. Here’s a guide to help you prepare your memories for digitization with Memory Fortress.

Organize Your Memories

Select and Curate Your Photos and Videos

Before sending your items for digitization, take the time to sort through them. This involves:

  • Choosing the most meaningful photographs.
  • Deciding which video recordings hold sentimental value.
  • Curating content to ensure a focused and valuable digital collection.

Tips for Effective Organization

  • Create categories: Sort items by events, dates, or people.
  • Label everything: Use notes or tags for easier identification.

Cleaning and Checking Quality

Dust Off Photos and Slides

Clean each item carefully to ensure the best possible digital quality. Dust and residue can affect the scanning process, so:

  • Gently wipe photos and slides with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Avoid using chemicals or liquids that can damage the materials.

Verify Tape and Film Conditions

  • Check for blank tapes: Sometimes, tapes might be empty or damaged. Verify their content before digitizing.
  • Soundcheck on older films: Films like 8mm and Super8 often lack audio. Confirm whether your films have sound.

Packaging and Labeling

Safeguard Your Memories During Transit

  • Use the Memory Fortress Kit for secure shipping.
  • Add extra protection like bubble wrap for delicate items.

Title Your Items

  • Name your tracks and photos: This helps organize the digital files post-digitization.
  • Clear labeling: Ensures you know precisely what each digital file contains.


Q1: How do I choose which photos to digitize?

A1: Select photos with significant emotional value or representing essential life events. Quality over quantity ensures a more meaningful digital collection.

Q2: Can I digitize damaged photos or tapes?

A2: Yes, but the digital quality will reflect the physical state of these items. Restoration services might be required for severely damaged items.

Q3: How should I label my items for digitization?

A3: Use clear and descriptive titles for each item, such as “Summer Vacation 1990” or “Grandma’s 80th Birthday”. This aids in easy identification post-digitization.


Preparing your memories for digitization with Memory Fortress involves careful organization, cleaning, and secure packaging. By following these steps, you ensure that your cherished moments are preserved in the best possible way, ready to be relived and shared for years.