Pricing (Subject To $99 Minimum Order):

  • 1 tape: $20
  • 2-10 tapes: $18 apiece
  • 11-20 tapes: $17 apiece
  • 21-50 tapes: $16 apiece
  • 51-100 tapes: $15 apiece
  • 101+ tapes: $14 apiece
  • MP4 conversion: $4 per tape additional

Convert VHS To Digital – Transfer Old VHS Tapes To DVD

Are you looking to preserve your cherished memories captured on VHS cassettes?

Memory Fortress offers professional VHS to digital conversion services, safeguarding your precious moments for generations to come.

Let’s explore how VHS to digital conversion can benefit you and your family.

Start with a $29 deposit today!

Preserve your cherished memories by turning videotapes into digital media with Memory Fortress. Our affordable, professional service ensures your precious moments are safeguarded for future generations.

Key Takeaways

  • Memory Fortress offers competitive VHS digital conversion digital pricing, with bulk discounts available.
  • Turnaround time is typically 5 business days
  • Digital format options include DVD, MP4, and AVI
  • Factors to consider when choosing a VHS-to-digital converter include compatibility, quality, and file transfer options.

How much does it cost to have VHS converted to digital?

The cost of converting VHS tapes to digital format at Memory Fortress depends on the number of tapes you have. For a single tape, the price is $20. For 2-10 tapes, the price is $18 per tape. The price per tape continues to decrease as the quantity increases, with 11-20 tapes at $17 each, 21-50 tapes at $16 each, 51-100 tapes at $15 each, and 101+ tapes at $14 each. There is an additional $4 per tape charge for MP4 conversion. Please note that there is a minimum order requirement of $99.

 Convert VHS To Digital Affordably

Transfer VHS Old Tapes

Why Choose Us?

  • Competitive Pricing With Bulk Discounts
  • Fast Turnaround Times Of 5 Business Days
  • Ordering Is Easy
  • Delivery Via DVDs, MP4s On USB, Or Cloud
  • Most Trusted Video Partner

How to Convert VHS Tapes to Digital Format

How To Convert Vhs To Digital

Steps for Digitizing Your VHS Tapes

  1. Gather and organize your VHS tapes by priority or event.
  2. Choose a reliable VHS to digital conversion service like Memory Fortress.
  3. Package your tapes securely and ship them to the service provider.
  4. Wait for the digital conversion process to be completed.
  5. Receive your digital scans
  6. and enjoy your memories in a modern format.
Best Company To Convert Vhs To Digital

Choosing the Right Digital Format for Your VHS Cassettes

When converting VHS to digital, you have several format options:

  • DVD: A popular choice for easy playback on most devices.
  • MP4: A versatile digital file format compatible with computers, smartphones, and tablets.
  • AVI: A high-quality format suitable for editing and long-term storage.

When selecting a format, consider your intended use and the devices you plan to view your digital files.

Consumer Video Tape Types1
Fact: Over the last two years, 85% of our customers chose us for analog to digital conversion. video customers have chosen the DVD + MP4 option.

This gives them physical DVDs that work on all players and MP4 computer files that can be replicated, emailed, or posted on Facebook.

The cost is only $4 more per tape, and Memory Fortress offers a lifetime emergency backup of your data for this price!


  • Was the standard videotape for VCRs
  • Usually holds about 2 hours of footage in SP mode (normal)
  • The most popular format in the 1980s and early 1990s
  • Significant degradation of quality over time


  • A compact alternative to VHS released in 1982
  • Also plays on standard VCRs with an adapter
  • Playing time well under two hours (depends on mode)
  • Slightly less degradation than regular VHS

8mm/Hi 8/Dig8

  • Most popular camcorder tape format through the 1990s
  • Can hold up to two hours of footage
  • Deteriorates less than VHS


  • Popular in early 2000s
  • Plays on smaller camcorders
  • Playing time well around one hour
  • Usually little to no degradation

Benefits of VHS Tape To Digital Service

Convert Old Videos To Digital

Preserving Your Precious Memories

VHS tapes are prone to deterioration over time, risking the loss of irreplaceable moments.

By converting your VHS tapes to DVDs, you can preserve your memories for years, ensuring they remain accessible for future generations.

Professional Vhs To Digital Converter

Ease of Access and Storage with Digital Copies

Digital files take up significantly less space than bulky VHS tapes, making them easier to store and organize.

With DVDs or USB, you can quickly access your favorite memories without the need for a VCR.

Video To Digital Converter

Sharing and Editing Options 

Once your VHS tapes are digitized, you can easily share your memories with family and friends via email, social media, or cloud storage.

Digital files also allow for basic editing, enabling you to create custom video montages or clip highlights.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a VHS to Digital Converter

Compatibility with VCRs and VHS Tapes

Ensure that your VHS to digital converter is compatible with your VCR and VHS tapes (VHS, S-VHS, or VHS-C).

Some converters may require specific adapters or have limitations on the tape formats they can handle.

Quality of the Digital Conversion Process

Look for a VHS to digital converter that offers high-quality video capture, with adjustable bitrates and resolution settings.

The converter should also have built-in image enhancement features to minimize video noise and improve overall picture quality.

Options for Transferring Video Files (USB, Hard Drive, etc.)

Consider the output options available on the VHS for the digital converter.

Some converters allow you to save files directly to a USB drive or external Hard disk drive (HDD), while others may require a computer connection for file transfer.

Prices and Devices

Pricing for Processing:

  • 1 tape – $20
  • 2-10 tapes – $18 each (10% off)
  • 11-20 tapes – $17 each (15% off)
  • 21-50 tapes – $16 each (20% off)
  • 51-100 tapes – $15 each (25% off)
  • 101+ tapes – $14 each (30% off)

Additional notes:

  • Betamax/PAL/Micro MV – $32 each
  • MP4 Conversion – $4 each
  • Orders under 30 tapes should take 1-2 weeks.
  • Please give us two weeks above 30 tapes.
  • The $99 minimum order size also applies to video delivery orders!

Delivery Options:

  • DVDs – one DVD per tape.  Our DVDs can hold up to 4.7GB of data each. We will split files larger than 4.7GB across two DVDs.
  • USB flash drives – We can fit as many tapes as you like on our flash drives.  If you have more than 10 tapes, this is usually the better option.
  • External hard drives – We deliver these to our larger customers (usually more than 40 tapes).
  • Dropbox – Also a great option for customers with larger quantities.
  • Digital format – All video files you receive will be MP4 format.

Delivery Pricing:

  • DVDs – no additional charge for 1st 10 video DVDs. $1 per DVD above $10.
  • Additional DVDs – $9 per DVD for the 2nd and all subsequent copies.
  • USB flash drives are the same as on the Pricing Grid for our VHS to DVD service (8GB = $12, 16GB = $20, 32GB = $33, 64GB = $45, 128GB = $65, 256GB = $85), all fully loaded.
  • External hard drives: $145 for a fully loaded 1TB Seagate external drive. Custom pricing is available on drives greater than 1TB.
  • Dropbox – $10 flat charge. Dropbox link is active for 14 days after you pay.


“Memory Fortress did an outstanding job scanning my 12×12 scrapbook pages. In a leap of faith, I mailed nine albums to be scanned. Memory Fortress was in constant communication with the order’s status and asked questions as needed. I am delighted with the scanning quality and how my originals were returned. Great care was taken with both. Thank you! I have already recommended it to my scrapbooking pals.”

Amy H

“Wonderful, Awesome, Perfectly Excellent! It took me 11 months to remove photos from over 100 family photo albums spanning 1960 to 2007. I then collated them with hundreds of loose photos then separated them by year in large manilla envelopes. I sent these 69 envelopes to Memory Fortress and they did a fantastic and highly professional job digitizing almost 12 thousand of our photos. Thanks Memory Fortress from our entire family, all 50 of us. I HIGHLY recommend Memory Fortress.”

John M

Convert Out Dated VHS Tapes To Digital With Ease

Are your cherished memories locked away on VHS tapes, fading with time? Unlock their magic with Memory Fortress, the expert in converting old VHS tapes to digital.

We understand the sentimental value of preserving your precious moments, and our mission is to bring them back to life, making sharing easy and convenient while reducing clutter in your home, thanks to our VHS to DVD service.

By digitizing your VHS tapes, you’ll preserve those irreplaceable moments forever. Say goodbye to the worries of deterioration and the hassle of outdated technology.

Memory Fortress provides a seamless process that transforms your VHS tapes into high-quality digital files, allowing you to relive the past and share your memories effortlessly with loved ones nearby.

Digitizing your tapes preserves your memories, but it also helps you reclaim space and reduce clutter in your home.

Imagine freeing up shelves and cabinets filled with ancient VHS tapes, creating an organized and minimalist living environment.

Don’t let your priceless memories fade away. Take action today and trust Memory Fortress to preserve your analog memories. convert your old VHS tapes to digital.

Visit our pricing page to learn more about our services and start your journey to preserving and sharing your cherished moments.

Let us be the bridge that connects your past to the digital future.

Convert Vhs To Flash Drive

Keeping Memories Alive Just Got Easier: Convert VHS To Flash Drive

Do you have a box full of old videocassettes in your house but no player to watch them? Well, there’s no need to let those precious memories fade away. With Memory Fortress, you can easily convert your VHS tapes to digital format by copying the data onto a flash drive.

This will allow you to easily view your treasured videos and preserve them for generations to come. Memory Fortress’s available conversion services make the process even more convenient. So, why wait? Convert VHS to a flash drive Memory Fortress today!

Photo Digitizing Services For Allentown


Photo Scanning Allentown Pa

Photo Scanning

We can take that photo box and turn it into a digital format. We carefully and lovingly place all your memories on a DVD or USB flash drive. This makes reminiscing and sharing easier.

Video Transfer Allentown Pa

Video Transfer

Remember those old home movies? We can digitalize them on a DVD or large-capacity flash drive. You make the popcorn, and we’ll get your home movies ready to share again.

Slide Scanning Allentown Pa

Slide Scanning

We talk to people every day who have discovered boxes of old slides from vacations and special occasions that were generations ago. Let us help you bring those precious times back to life in a shareable format.

Negative Film Scanning Allentown Pa

Negative Scanning

If you have slides in a box somewhere, chances are good that you also have sleeves of negatives. This is your family history. Let us help you share the love of the generations by converting your legacy home videos. We’ll bring your memories to life. Call today.

Words of Wisdom Before You Order

Thousands of tapes and old home movies come in for digital conversion

VHS tapes tend to deteriorate the quickest, so converting VHS to digital should be a priority. Footage of weddings, graduations, and childbirths is also generally very high-priority. 

It’s much more cost-effective to send in one large order than in pieces over a few months.

Memory Fortress backs up everything we digitize (including all tapes) for 90 days, so if something should happen to your digital copies after we send them back to you, we have a complete backup here. 

There is no charge for blank tapes; you can mix and match all formats listed on this page. 

Lastly, if you have further questions, click the “Start Here” at the bottom of this page (or on every product page) for more detailed answers on moving VHS and VCR tapes to digital.

Click here to learn more about our slide scanning service.

Convert Vhs To Digital

We convert VHS to digital video formats at our facility in metro Atlanta, processed by US citizens.

FAQs About Converting VHS to Digital

How can I convert my old VHS tapes to digital format?

You can convert your old VHS tapes to digital format by using a video capture device connected to your VCR or through a transfer service like Memory Fortress.

What are the benefits of converting VHS to DVD or digital files?

Converting VHS to DVD or digital files allows you to preserve your memories, easily share the videos with others, and protect them from deteriorating over time.

What is the best way to preserve my VHS tapes?

The best way to preserve your VHS tapes is by converting them to digital format through a transfer service or a video capture device.

Is there a service that specializes in converting VHS to digital files?

Yes, Memory Fortress is a popular service that specializes in transferring VHS tapes to digital format.

How can I transfer my VHS tapes to the latest digital formats like Google Photos or USB drives?

You can transfer your VHS tapes to digital formats like Google Photos or USB drives by using a conversion service like Memory Fortress or by using a video capture device.

What is the difference between converting VHS to DVD or digital files?

Converting VHS to DVD creates physical copies of your tapes, while converting to digital files allows you to store the videos on your computer or other digital devices.

How to Convert VHS to Flash Drive?

1. To convert VHS tapes to a digital format that can be stored on a flash drive, you'll need:

- A USB video capture device
- A computer with video-capturing software

2. Connect the VCR to the capture device and the device to your computer.
3. Insert the VHS tape into the VCR and a flash drive into the computer.
4. Use the software to capture the video from the tape and save the digital file to the flash drive.
5. The process is straightforward but requires patience, as you'll need to play the entire VHS tape to capture the full content.

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When you need to convert 35mm film and 8mm camcorder videos into the latest electronic version, USB or DVD options are available for your home video conversions. We hope you will choose Memory Fortress.

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