Video Book (Heirloom)

Video Book (Heirloom)


How to order

Just order the video book and designate which video(s) you would like in it, and in what order. If you give us the digital timestamps on each video that you would like included, we will do the edits and make a memorable gift for you! It will arrive fully loaded with your memories.

What are the limitations?

4GB is the max that the video book can handle. So whatever goes on there needs to be less than 4GB total. In English, this is between 1-2 hours of video, depending on resolution. Low res video takes up less space, so we can fit more on there. Hi res takes up more space, so those clips must be shorter.

Can I customize the cover?

Yes! We have 16 pre-made cover templates that we can share with you. Additionally, for an extra fee, we can customize the cover of the book itself with the image of your choice.

Do still pictures play as a slideshow?

Yes! If you want still images on the video book instead of actual video, they will display for four seconds each before transitioning to the next image. You can put as many photos on there as long as the total file size is under 4GB. Realistically this equals hundreds or even thousands of pictures.