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Organizing Memories Is Stressful, But There Is A Solution

You read the headline right. Most people KNOW where nearly all of their important memories are.  The reason that they experience considerable stress isn’t worrying about lost memories; it’s about knowing just how long a full-scale organizing and digitizing project will take.  For many families, this is easily a 150-200 hour task.  That’s right … close to a full month of work.  And that’s just focusing on the memories in one house. Many extended families have memories spread out among multiple houses, in multiple states.  The thought of even getting your arms around the scale of the project can be overwhelming.  Organizing memories is full-time work. Here are some (but not all) of the many comments we hear nearly every day when people call us: I have 25-30 photo albums, and all the pictures are stuck to the page, I can’t get them out to scan them. We have 2,000 slides, but the slide projector no longer works. There are boxes of VHS and camcorder tapes in the garage … all home movies! … but we can’t play them anymore. My mom died and we found all these film reels in the basement … I have no idea what is on them...
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Marines from 6th Communications Battalion, Marine Forces Reserve, marched in the annual New York Veterans Day parade Nov. 11. This year marks the 92nd anniversary of the New York Veterans Day Parade. The parade is hosted by the United War Veterans Council, Inc. on behalf of the city of New York. It is the oldest and largest of its kind in the nation. Since Nov. 11, 1919, the parade has provided an opportunity for Americans and international visitors to honor those who have served in the nation's largest city. Sgt. Dakota Meyer, the recently awarded Marine Medal of Honor recipient, rode in the parade. Major Gen. Melvin Spiese, deputy commanding general, I Marine Expeditionary Force, represented the Marine Corps as one of the reviewing officials of the parade.
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Memory Fortress Supports our United States Armed Forces

Our Military Connection We are an American Company and proud to support our United States Military.  The founders of Memory Fortress are either veterans or come from families with strong military backgrounds.  We believe deeply in a strong, proud USA, and a big part of that is documenting the history of the country.  That doesn’t mean relying on NBC or CNN, it means relying on YOU.  Your history is far too important to us to just let it blow away in the wind, unremembered and unappreciated. You have worked hard your whole life.  You have raised a family, or have been a part of a family.  You have sacrificed so that your family can benefit.  You may have even served this country in some capacity, be it in a military or civilian role.  The history of our country is not whatever the media decides is important today; the history of the country is YOU. To those of you who have served in combat, we offer you our deepest thanks and appreciation for your sacrifice.  You are the best this country has to offer, and you serve as a shining beacon for those who follow in your footsteps.  We think that preserving your...
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How Much Is This Going To Cost?

This is one of the more common questions we get over the phone and on email. Even though we’ve got the Pricing Grid centrally located on the website, there are still plenty of other questions coming in relating to cost. So in this blog post, let’s hit on some things that come up most often. We won’t spend much time talking about the actual prices (because they are printed here), but more about the value we deliver to you. Whatever you send in, we know it’s going to cost at least $99. That’s our minimum order size, and it’s a great incentive for you to send in all of your memories at once, rather than a couple of hundred images at a time. We are a bulk scanning facility; we are not well-suited to scanning a few dozen images. Nearly all of our customers send in a lifetime’s worth of memories for their families. All of our pricing models have volume discounts as an additional incentive to send in more items. You can save about a third of the price per unit by sending in large quantities. For example, a single 300 dpi photo at low volume costs 22 cents, but...
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