Low-Cost Photo Scanning With Memory Fortress

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Let’s talk about photo scanning – on a budget. You’ve got a ton of loose photos to convert to digital format, but you don’t have a ton of money.

And inflation is going up faster than ever, leaving you farther behind.  But you’ve got to digitize these pictures, no matter what. So what do you do?

Memory Fortressphoto and slide scanning service has a special category of photo scanning deals called Super Saver.

It’s a little different from our usual full-service offering, but the prices are 30-70% less expensive than are already-low regular prices.

If you are willing to do some of the post-production work yourself, this can be a fantastic option to get all your pictures digitized at a very low cost.

Super Saver prices are between 17 and 25 cents per photo, depending on quantity.  There are a few important things to understand:

  1. All photos must be loose – To qualify for Super Saver pricing, all photos must be loose and not in albums.
  2. All photos will be scanned at regular resolution (300 dpi) – There is no high-res (600 dpi) scanning for Super Saver customers.
  3. All photos must be between 3×3 and 8×10 – Photos outside of these ranges will be scanned at standard pricing.
  4. All photos will be placed in a single digital folder – We don’t organize your photos digitally under the Super Saver platform.  If you have 2,500 photos, they will simply be numbered 1 – 2,500.
  5. Photos may not necessarily be scanned in order – If you want them in a certain order, you can rearrange them after the work is done.
  6. Front scans only – We don’t scan the content on the backs of the photos under the Super Saver program.
  7. All photos will be scanned at their current orientation – the customer is responsible for rotating any images that may be sideways or upside down.
  8. Photos will not be cropped to eliminate uneven borders or edges – the customer can crop them afterwards.

The low cost Super Saver photo scanning deal pricing is best for customers who are on a budget and just want to preserve their memories at the lowest possible price.

Obviously, this pricing scheme highlights all the extra work that Memory Fortress does at our regular prices as well.

We have historically been a full-service service that does all of the work for the customers and delivers a world-class final product at the end of the process.

Given the current economic environment and because of increasing demand, we decided to roll out a super-low-cost offering that guarantees we will win any pricing battle against our competition.

If you are the family historian and feel the need to get photos scanned now, but do the organization piece later – the Super Saver photo scanning deal is probably perfect for you.

Preserving the past is the first thing you need to do, before old photos become faded, tattered, and useless.  Once the photos are in a digital format, you can always make improvements later.

These improvements include color correction, orientation, cropping, organization, tagging … we could go on and on!  But none if this happens if you don’t have digitized photos.

(Our regular pricing covers loose photos, album photos, and scrapbooks.  It also gives the choice between 300 and 600 dpi, and photos can be of any size, up to and including 18×13.

We create high complex named folder systems as well.  Regular pricing includes scanning everything in the order designated by the customer., including backs of photos if applicable, and we rotate and crop each one.)

So think about it!  If you’ve been delaying getting all those photos scanned, and were waiting for a great deal, this is it!

Call us at 678-579-2249 and ask us about our Super Saver photo scanning deal.  We will be happy to walk you through it on the phone.