Slide Scanning

Slide Scanning

54 cents per slide = high res. Pay only 15 cents per slide upfront today!


How to order
Option 1: Ordering online
Enter your estimated slide quantities and select your service options on this page. Complete the checkout process, print out your order confirmation email, and securely package your media along with your order confirmation and ship it to us.
Option 2: Office drop-off
In or near Atlanta, GA? Drop your slides off in-person at our offices. No shipping necessary. We are located here.
15 cents per slide is the deposit amount today

The rest of the payment is due once our work is complete. Converting slides at high resolution are 54 cents apiece. Full pricing here.

Don't know how many slides you have?

No worries! Neither do any of our other customers!

Don’t waste time counting slides for us, we don’t need exact numbers, just take your best guess. Input your guess in the quantity field below!

Want to contact us?

We actually answer the phone! 678-579-2249, M-F, 9-5pm EST. We answer the phone on Saturdays as well. If we are on other calls, leave a message and we’ll call you right back.

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