The holiday season is just around the corner, which means you might be preparing your list to jump ahead of any potential shipping delays or items on backorder. While kids are always easy to shop for as long as they are excited by the latest toy, it can be harder to find items that your parents and grandparents will love. 

This gift guide is here to help. Here are a few ideas you can choose from whether you are shopping for your grandparents or shopping for your parents on behalf of your kids. These gifts for grandparents aren’t limited to holiday items, so you might find some unique birthday and anniversary gifts as well.

1. Digital Picture Frames

Framing a cherished photo is a great way to celebrate a memory while allowing you to look at the image every day. However, with so many people snapping pictures on their smartphones, it can be hard to pick which images get printed and framed. Fortunately, with modern technology, you don’t have to pick just one. 

With a digital picture frame, you can upload hundreds of photos from your phone – and the phones of your friends and family. The frame will create a slideshow of images and switch them out every few seconds. With some models, you can caption the photos to add context. 

This is one of the best gifts for grandparents because they can stay involved in your life and your children’s lives. You can upload photos from the first day of school or a visit to the pumpkin patch. Your parents will feel like they are close to their grandkids even if they live across the country.

2. Personalized Mementos

As you review your family photos, consider taking a few images and turning them into mementos. This allows you to take a generic gift (like a candle or a blanket) and add family memories to it. For example, if your family visited a national park this year and enjoyed hiking amongst the trees, look for a candle that smells like pine or a campfire. You can add a family photo of that trip to the candle to connect the smell to those memories. 

There are plenty of gifts for grandparents that you can elevate through personalization. These steps add emotional elements to your gifts, which your recipients will appreciate.

3. Photo Scanning and Video Transfer Services 

Many grandparents have decades of memories in the form of photos and videos. They might have video footage of their child’s graduation and photos of their grandchildren right when they were born. Unfortunately, many of these memories are stuck in formats that aren’t easily accessible. They are tucked away in albums that are in storage or are recorded on VHS tapes that can’t be viewed. 

Consider covering the cost of a photo and video conversion project to preserve these memories in digital format. Your loved ones can look at these memories on their computer and easily share them with others. This is one of the more practical gifts for grandparents but it allows anyone to access their memories and relieve some of their best times whenever they want.

4. Opportunities to Travel 

Just because someone is a grandma or grandpa doesn’t mean they have any plans to slow down. One survey by AARP found that 66% of people over the age of 70 plan to travel at least once this year. Consider whether your parents or grandparents are interested in travel and identify ways to help them expand their horizons. 

There are a few things to consider as you plan for this gift. Learn what kinds of trips your loved ones take and if they need any support. There are specific tours for seniors that your relatives might like. 

If you aren’t sure what kind of trip to plan, give your grandparents airline or hotel gift cards. You can also offer to watch their pets or plants while they are away.

5. Smart Systems

There’s a common myth that older Americans are not tech-savvy, but more seniors are comfortable navigating the internet and using smartphones than ever. In fact, more than 85% of Americans own smartphones, including 61% of seniors.

If your grandparent has a smartphone, consider investing in smart switches and other smart home technology. Your loved one can adjust their thermostat or turn the lights on or off without getting up. These smart tools can be helpful for aging Americans who aren’t able to get up as easily as they used to. Instead of walking across the house to turn off a light, all it takes is a push of a smartphone button.  

6. A Monthly Subscription Box 

Subscription boxes make great gifts for grandparents because they often include items your grandparents wouldn’t buy themselves. For example, you can order a coffee subscription box for a loved one who enjoys trying different brews. This box would give them access to different roasters and coffee styles they have never had before. 

There are hundreds of different subscription boxes that are meant for people with different hobbies and personalities. Identify a few activities that your loved one enjoys (from reading to hiking to listening to true crime podcasts) and see if there is a box that aligns with these interests.

7. Support for a Cause They Love

One of the challenges of finding gifts for grandparents is that some people don’t want to add clutter to their homes. It can be hard to find meaningful gifts that don’t take up much space. Instead of buying a material item, consider donating to a cause they support. For example, if your loved one is passionate about the ocean, you can donate to a local marine rescue society.

Many non-profits have programs that involve their donors and keep them updated on the work they are doing. For example, if you adopt an African elephant for your loved one, the sanctuary will send them a picture of the elephant and can email updates about their growth and rehabilitation throughout the year.

Donating to relevant causes shows how you care about your loved one and notice what causes they support. 

Start Planning Your Gifts for Grandparents Now

The holidays are stressful enough with travel and events, you don’t need to put extra pressure on yourself to get the perfect gifts for everyone. The best thing to do is to explore gift ideas before the holiday season begins so your shopping is spread out over multiple months. 

Consider buying a Memory Fortress gift card if you need help planning gifts for grandparents. This is a useful way to preserve your family history while providing a service to your loved ones. Order your gift card today and relax knowing that you have a great gift idea for some of the people you love most.