It’s okay to start your spring cleaning projects in the middle of winter. Staying inside during the colder months often encourages people to clean up their spaces and remove unnecessary clutter. However, decluttering projects often make gift-giving difficult. You want to show someone you care without contributing to the problem of owning too much stuff. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of decluttering and organizational gift ideas that can actually help your friends and family reclaim their spaces. You can help them embrace long-term solutions for staying organized. Here are a few options to consider.


1. A Photo Scanning Gift Card

It doesn’t matter whether you have 100 or 10,000 photos on your phone because they don’t take up any physical space. However, if you have thousands of print photos in your home, you might have entire boxes full of memories and mementos. These photos become even bulkier when they are curated in photo albums

When was the last time you looked at these photos? It’s so much easier to pull up memories on your phone than it is to open up various boxes until you find the right years and images. 

One easy way to create space when decluttering is to give a video and photo scanning gift card. You can send almost any form of media to Memory Fortress – from scrapbooks to film rolls – and we will digitize the images and footage. We always return the originals to you so you can decide whether you keep them or throw them away to free up space.  

Your friend or family member might reclaim an entire closet just by digitizing old memories instead of keeping them in print and tape form.

2. Professional Organizing Services 

Some people love the challenge of organizing their homes and sorting through every drawer, closet, and box. Others feel overwhelmed by this idea and don’t know where to start. If you have a relative who wants to declutter their home but doesn’t know where to start, consider gifting them the services of a professional organizer. These are people who visit your home, provide advice, and even work to organize and declutter spaces. 

You don’t have to bring Marie Kondo into your house. Instead, look for organizers in your area who are excited to help your friends and relatives clean up. Ask about their services and how they help people overcome large organization projects. 

Whoever you recommend the organizer to might appreciate having an objective third party helping to declutter and take back their living space.

3. Storage Containers and Organizing Tools

If you don’t want to hire an organizer, consider picking up some organization tools or a gift card to a container store. You might be amazed by the different gadgets and systems people have invented to keep a home organized. There are tools for keeping folded shirts in place while reducing the amount of space they take up. There are roll-out racks to easily access items in your kitchen cabinets. 

Additionally, you can look for softer organizing items if you don’t know what storage supplies your gift recipient needs. Make homemade sachets that tuck into drawers and keep clothes smelling fresh. Look for cabinet liners that keep your items clean. 

These organizational gift ideas are meant to show how much you support the cleaning and decluttering process. They are small additions to the big picture that can make organizing a home easier and a little more enjoyable.

4. Give the Gift of Your Time

Gifts don’t have to be expensive or flashy. Some of the best gifts come from unexpected sources of help. Consider offering your time to help a friend or relative declutter. You can set aside an entire weekend to work on the project or schedule time throughout the month to take on the project one room at a time. 

One person (the homeowner) can go through each item and decide whether they want to keep it, donate it, or throw it away. The other person (you) can organize kept items, move trash out to the curb, and clean up newly-opened spaces. 

Not only is giving your time a great way to show your support, but it can also motivate your recipient to complete the project. This is a wonderful way to show you care without having to buy expensive gifts and services.  

5. Reward Your Recipient With a Fun Activity or Day Out

If you are worried about adding to the clutter of someone’s home, consider giving them experiences instead. Consider some of their favorite hobbies and activities they enjoy but might not be able to afford as often as they like. For example, if a parent is trying to declutter their house before listing it for sale, give them a spa gift card as a reward for completing the project. This is something they might not buy for themselves but would still appreciate. 

Almost three-quarters (74%) of Americans prioritize experiences over things. You can give them an experience they will love and remember. Plus, you can create and photograph new memories which are easy to add to the digital files you recently scanned

Buy a Gift Card for Photo Scanning Through Memory Fortress

Decluttering a home takes time. There’s so much more to the process than donating old clothes and throwing away broken cookware. Decluttering also means sorting through old memories and identifying the best ways to preserve them. 

At Memory Fortress, we help people declutter their rooms while preserving each one of these memories. It’s time to turn dozens of albums, boxes of videotapes, and other media into digital files. Your loved one will have an easier time accessing them and can free up space in your home. 

Buy a Memory Fortress gift card today and watch your friend or relative enjoy one of the best organizational gift ideas.

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