If you have stacks of family memories and photos tucked into various boxes, it’s time to bring these images out of the attic. Pull out your storage bins of albums and scrapbooks and use them to create digital gift ideas. You can add print photos to a digital picture frame, make paper scrapbooks sharable, or put together a slideshow for an event. There are countless ways to use and share your photo memories

If you are looking for digital gift ideas for your relatives, start by curating photos of your favorite memories. Here are three unique ideas that you can give your relatives, friends, and loved ones. Share your past memories together and promise to make new ones in the future.

1. Digital Picture Frames

One of the easiest digital gift ideas to share memories with your family members is an electronic picture frame. Unlike traditional frames, which can only hold one or two photos, digital frames can hold thousands of photos. These frames are either battery-operated or plugged into the wall. They cycle through your photos periodically throughout the day,

There are multiple digital picture frames on the market that can match your budget and the tech-savviness of your loved one. Most frames use a simple USB compatibility. You simply insert a USB drive with your favorite photos and the frame will cycle through them. 

If you are looking for more advanced digital gift ideas, consider buying a frame that comes with an app and connects to your WiFi. With this model, you can upload photos to the app and send them to the digital picture frame. You can rotate photos or set a specific photo for a day or event. The app also allows multiple family members to collaborate and share their memories together. 

Some people have multiple digital picture frames in their homes. One frame is dedicated to wedding photos while other frames have pictures of children and grandchildren. Start with one frame to see how your loved one likes it.

2. Digital Scrapbooks

Your memories extend well beyond pictures. They include ticket stubs, event fliers, and little mementos that you pick up along the way. Some people add jokes or fun facts in their scrapbooks so they can always remember what an exciting time they had. 

If your loved one is a committed scrapbooker, consider digitizing their scrapbooks so they will always have access to these curated memories. Even if they carefully store these books and protect them from moisture and other elements, you never know when they might get damaged or lost. With digitized scrapbooks, your loved one can also share their memories with friends and family online with just a few clicks. 

You can also look into creating scrapbooks online for additional digital gift ideas. Creating these books can be a fun and unique way to spend time with your loved ones doing what they love. You both can collaborate on a scrapbook together digitally, even if you live in different states. Kate Hadfield created a useful guide to digital scrapbooking if you are interested.

3. A Digital Slideshow

If you are worried that you lack the creative vision to develop digital gift ideas like scrapbooks and cards, consider assembling a slideshow instead. Slideshows pull key memories and use text and other graphics to tell a story. For example, slideshows are popular at weddings because they allow both families to share photos and memories of the couple. 

If you have an event coming up, consider building a digital slideshow that you can present to attendees. These slideshows are ideal for birthdays, weddings, graduations, baby showers, retirement parties, and other events. They usually only take a few minutes to present and the honoree can look back at the presentation whenever they want.

4. USB Flash Drives Loaded with Memories

Looking through family memories can be incredibly powerful. It’s amazing how far your family has come over the years and how much everyone has changed. However, not everyone has time to go through photo prints. Some family members likely live in different parts of the world and don’t have the ability to look back on these visual memories

Consider digitizing your family photos so you can easily share them with your relatives. For digital gift ideas, you can load some of your favorite photos onto USB drives and include them in birthday cards or in Christmas stockings. Your relatives will always be able to bring those photos with them, no matter whether they travel. 

Digitizing your photos will also protect the memories. No one wants to think about a fire, flood, or tornado ripping through the home, but in the worst-case scenario, your photos are secure.

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