Safety & Care

You have trusted us with your most precious memories.  We take extreme measures to ensure the safety of your order with Memory Fortress.

1. Boxes

You should definitely use boxes to ship your old photos and other analog media to Memory Fortress.  Please don’t use envelopes (even padded ones), or tubes, or anything else that isn’t a box.  And please make sure your boxes are very sturdy!

2. Package tracking

The nice thing about boxes is that they can be easily tracked by any number of delivery services.  Our preferred vendor is UPS, but we receive boxes from many different delivery providers.  The ability to track your package gives that extra level of security and certainty to the entire process.

3. Sensible groups of memories

Please make sure that your memories are grouped in a sensible manner.  This is more for your own benefit than anyone else’s, because while we are very good at what we do, we are not mind readers.  If there is any doubt, we will pick up the phone and call you to discuss.

Some customers just want 3,000 pictures scanned without regard to organization, and while we can certainly process the order, it may not help you when you receive a DVD or flash drive containing one folder with pictures numbered 1 to 3,000.  Conversely, others have 2,000 pictures broken down in 457 different ways, and this isn’t sensible either.  Grouping memories in a thoughtful manner reduces the chances of errors and maximizes the emotional impact when we send your completed order back to you.

4. Documentation at reception of order

When your memories arrive at Memory Fortress, the first thing we do is to take pictures of the closed boxes, take more pictures of us opening the boxes, and take even more pictures of the contents as we inventory them.  This is the part of the process where we quickly reconcile any differences in quantities.

For example, if you guessed at the number of images at 2,500 (which is fine) and the actual number in the boxes is 2,647, we will call you as soon as is practical to let you know and to discuss any pricing differentials (as well as formats that may not have been correctly classified when you put the order in online).  The bottom line is that we like to know exactly what we have, and make sure that matches up exactly with what you sent us.

5. Strict monitoring of your order

We photograph your boxes and their contents, we weigh them, and we control who has access to them.  The goal is to give you back exactly what you sent to us PLUS all of those same memories in a beautiful digitized format.

6. Top scanning facility

Even though Memory Fortress is relatively new, we have been digitizing memories since 2009.  We are simply scaling our operations to a national level from what was previously a smaller localized effort.

7. One order per workstation

The best way to protect your memories during processing is to maintain a policy of one order per workstation at all times.  Your memories will never get mixed up with those of another customer.  Once a customer order arrives at a workstation, it stays at that workstation.  For quality control and other important checks, supervisors visit the workstation so the order does not have to be moved

8. Boxed up during non-working hours

For larger or more complex customer orders that require more than one day to process, we box up those orders each night in robust containers designed to protect your memories.  Those boxes remain at the workstation until the next day.

9. Quality Assurance

There are two levels of Quality Assurance at Memory Fortress.  The first layer involves more technical details that are specific to the scanning process, and involves heavy amounts of software and procedures.  The second layer focuses on the detailed instructions you have provided to us regarding grouping, organizing the folder system, duplicate copies, and the like.


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