Scrapbooking is an art form and a way to preserve precious memories. After a vacation, an avid scrapbooker might preserve a few key photos, ticket stubs, fliers, and other mementos that highlight how much fun they had. Designing and creating each page is just as important as preserving the content itself. 

Don’t sweat if there is an avid scrapbooker in your life who you need to find gifts for. There are plenty of ways to celebrate this hobby and make it more enjoyable for your loved one. Here are five awesome gifts for scrapbookers whether you are shopping for a parent, sibling, partner, or friend.

1. Scrapbook Scanning Services

Some people dedicate years (even decades) of their lives to creating and curating scrapbooks. Each book is a work of art that takes several hours to build. If you want to honor these scrapbooks, look into the scrapbook scanning services by Memory Fortress. 

This is one of the top gifts for scrapbookers because you can preserve their creations for several years. Here’s how it works: your scrapbooking loved one ships their 12 x 12 scrapbooks to our office. We use special scanning technology to digitize each page and save them in unique files. Your loved one receives these digital scans along with the original books they created. 

This gift is ideal because the scrapbooking memories will be protected in the event that something happens to the originals. No one wants to think about a flood or a fire destroying the books, but these are unfortunate realities. On a happier note, your loved one can share these scans online – especially with their scrapbooking social media groups and online clubs. 

Learn more about giving a Memory Fortress gift card to see why it’s one of the top gifts for scrapbookers.

    2. Crafting Gift Cards

    It can be hard to come up with gifts for scrapbookers because the craft is so personal. Each page reflects a special event or memory in that person’s life. Instead of trying to guess what they need, consider buying them a crafting gift card instead. This is a great way to support local crafting stores in your area or an opportunity to explore new crafting shops in different parts of your state. You can even give your loved one a fun day of craft shopping by taking a road trip and enjoying lunch in another town. 

    While a crafting gift card is usually a safe bet for the scrapbooker in your life, check on sites like Amazon or Etsy to see if they have active wish lists. You might be able to find a few items they really want but don’t have the budget to buy.


      3. Cricut Machine

      If the scrapbooker in your life has a dedicated crafting space for this art, ask if they could benefit from a Cricut machine (if they don’t have one already). These tools allow crafters to create die-cut patterns, turning basic squares into beautiful shapes. Cricut machines can speed up the crafting process and make each page even more creative than the last. 

      Talk to your loved one before you purchase one of these machines. First, they can get expensive. Die-cutting machines can cost more than $300 when bought new. There are also portable models for around $30, but your friend or family member might not want that option. 

      If you really want to surprise your loved one with a die-cut machine, save the receipt. Let them know that if it’s not the right model you can replace it with the one they want.  

      4. A Film Camera and Development Gift Cards

      While smartphones can take dozens of photos every minute, film photography is making a comeback. More people are learning to live in the moment and embrace the world of film. There are also plenty of gifts for scrapbookers that relate to film photos. For example, your loved one might enjoy taking photos with film and printing them (just like back in the 90s). They can then add these printed photos to their scrapbooks. 

      Check to see whether your friend or family member has an old film camera or look for one online. (Look on eBay or visit nearby thrift shops to find affordable options.) You can also give them a gift card to a printing studio to turn film rolls into prints. 

      Even if the scrapbooker in your life doesn’t want to use a film camera, you can still help them print photos at their nearby CVS or Walmart so they can add these images to their books. 


      5. Scrapbooking Classes

      This is a great option for someone who is new to scrapbooking or wants to get into it. There are plenty of online scrapbooking classes for people to learn how to turn memories into artwork. Your loved one might also be interested in related classes like art journaling, which they can do every day even if they don’t have something to scrapbook. 

      If there are art studios and community centers near you, check to see if there are any scrapbooking meetups and courses. Even a seasoned scrapbooker can still learn new techniques to enhance their creations. Plus, this is a great way for your loved one to meet new people who have similar interests. They will soon develop a whole community of scrapbooking friends!


      Bonus Gift: Your Time

      Many of the gifts for scrapbookers on this list focused on tangible items. However, giving your time could be one of the best gifts of all. Consider asking your friend or relative to show you their favorite scrapbooks and tell you about them. Sit with them while they craft. You can also dedicate time on the weekends to scrapbooking where a busy parent can step away from their kids and enjoy crafting as a way to destress. 

      Quality time is a love language for many people. Consider tapping into this for the scrapbooker in your life.


      Find the Perfect Gifts for Scrapbookers Today

      If you aren’t sure what to give the scrapbooker in your life, buy a gift card from Memory Fortress. This is a great way to celebrate all of the brilliant scrapbooks your loved one has created over the years without getting in their way. Digital scrapbooks can preserve these pages while making the content easier to share online. 

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