How much does it cost to convert 8mm to digital? This is one of the most common questions that our customers ask.

If you grew up with a video camera in your home, it likely used 8mm film. This film was originally produced in the 1930s and became popular in the late 1960s with the development of Super 8. As video cameras became more affordable, more American families started buying these gadgets and documenting important events.

As a result, you might have 8 mm footage of your first steps, high school graduation, and wedding. Modern technology no longer requires the use of film to capture movies. Your smartphone can record more content at a higher quality than any 8mm or Super 8 camera. However, families across the country still want to preserve their memories before the film deteriorates.

Learn how much it costs to convert 8mm to digital so you can take this footage and make it accessible on any device.

Convert 8mm to Digital for $0.29 per Foot

The first thing to know when budgeting for your conversion project is how companies charge for their services. Most video digitization companies will set prices on a per-tape basis for VHS tapes or cassettes. However, pricing is different for 8mm film. You might have a large reel of film or several small reels depending on the type of camera you have. It’s easier to standardize this by charging by the foot. 

At Memory Fortress, we charge $0.29 per foot to convert 8mm to digital. This allows you to easily estimate how big your project will be. If you have 100 feet of footage, you can assume that your project will cost $29. Even before you decide on the delivery method and ship the film to our team, you can set a clear budget to get your home movies digitized.

Digital Content Can be Delivered via the Cloud, DVD, or USB

The next step when estimating the cost to convert 8mm to digital is to decide how you want your digital content delivered to you. The most affordable way is to receive your footage via the cloud, which costs a $10 flat fee. You can also receive your videos on DVDs. We include the first DVD for free and then charge $9 per additional DVD needed. 

A DVD can hold around 120 minutes of footage on average, which can help you calculate how many DVDs you can expect from the order. If you aren’t sure what your DVD cost will be, you can send us your 8mm film and ask for an estimate from our team. We can give you a concrete price for the project. You can also call our offices at 678-675-0014 for a rough estimate. 

Your final option is to receive your digitized memories on a USB drive. These start at $12 for an 8 GB drive and increase up to $65 for a 256 GB drive. If you need more storage for your 8mm digitized film, call our offices. We can figure out the best storage options for your needs. 

You can also decide whether you want your footage saved in MP4 format, which provides greater flexibility for storing, editing, and transferring the videos in the future.

The Minimum Order is $99

One thing to consider as you budget your project to convert 8mm to digital is our minimum order size. We only ask for $29 down to prepare for your project but set a minimum order at $99. 

There is good news if you only have a few hundred feet of reels: you can combine multiple media formats into one order. For example, you can send us your 8mm film reels along with old VHS tapes and some old photos that you would like scanned. We can take care of all your digitization needs in one order.

You Only Pay for Shipping One Way

The final cost to build into your digitization budget is the shipping. Pack your memories securely and ship them via UPS or FedEx to our Duluth, Georgia-based office. Our team will receive your 8mm film, digitize it carefully, and then send it back to you. We cover the shipping costs to return your reels so you can keep these memories for the future. 

Our team weighs every box that we receive during the delivery process. We then weigh the box before we ship it back to you. This ensures that every single memory is packed and nothing goes missing during the scanning process. You will have all of your digital and analog copies at your fingertips. 

In a separate shipment, we will send your DVDs, USB drives, or any other digital formats you choose. If you decide to receive your footage via the cloud, you will receive a link to download the content.

It Takes 1-2 Weeks to Convert 8mm to Digital

Once you map out the cost to convert 8mm to digital, you can set aside time to complete this project. If you have less than 5,000 feet of footage, our team should be able to complete the digitization process within two weeks. If you have more than 5,000 feet, we will take a little longer but will prioritize the work. 

If you have a lot of footage that you converted, call our offices and ask for a time estimate. We can tell you how long it should take our team.

Start Your Project to Convert 8mm to Digital Today

If you have a lot of 8mm recordings and reels in your home, take steps today to protect your memories. Film breaks down over time, losing its quality and wearing out. This means you might not have access to some of your most important memories for much longer. One of the best things to do is convert 8mm to digital so you can access those videos whenever you want while preserving them for generations to come. 

Start your order by telling us the types of media you need digitized and by paying the $29 deposit. You won’t need to pay for the rest of the order until everything is digitized and ready for you to view. We work quickly to convert 8mm to digital so our customers can hold on to these memories before they fade.