Hi8 To Digital Conversion

Key Takeaways

Aspect Detail
Hi8 to Digital Conversion Update precious memories from Hi8 to modern digital formats
Why Memory Fortress Offers specialized services for Hi8 and 8 mm tape conversion
Benefits of Digital Conversion Ensures longevity, accessibility, and easy sharing
Conversion Process Professional and secure handling by experts at Memory Fortress



At Memory Fortress, we understand how important it is to keep your memories alive. That’s why we offer expert Hi8 digital conversion service that helps you preserve all those special moments for life.

Our highly trained technicians are experienced in converting VHS tapes and other media formats into a digital format so you can view them on any device — without compromising the picture quality or resolution.

We guarantee that your recordings will look just as great, if not better, than when you first recorded them.

Our fast and easy process ensures a seamless transition from analog media to digital that won’t take up all your time or money.

Why Choose Memory Fortress For Your Hi8 To Digital Conversion?

When converting your Hi8 tapes to digital formats, Memory Fortress stands out with our expertise and commitment to quality. Memory Fortress offers various services, including photo scanning, old video transfer, and secure cloud storage.

Memory Fortress ensures that your essential memories are safeguarded for future generations. Our Hi8 to DVD service specifically addresses the need to update precious memories to new digital media, promising to handle your cassette tapes with the utmost care and professionalism.

Hi8 To Digital

Fact:  Over the last two years, 90% of our video customers have chosen the DVD + MP4 option.

This gives them physical DVDs that work on all players and MP4 computer files that can be replicated, emailed, put on Facebook, etc.

The cost is only $4 more per tape, and Memory Fortress offers a lifetime emergency backup of your data for this price!


  • Was the industry standard videotape for VCRs
  • Usually holds about 2 hours of footage in SP mode (standard)
  • The most popular format in the 1980s and early 1990s
  • Significant degradation of quality over time


  • A compact alternative to VHS released in 1982
  • It also plays on standard VCRs with an adapter
  • Playing time well under two hours (depends on mode)
  • Slightly less degradation than regular VHS


  • The most popular camcorder tape format through the 1990s
  • It can hold up to two hours of footage
  • Deteriorates less than VHS


  • Popular in the early 2000s
  • Plays on smaller camcorders
  • Playing time well around one hour
  • Usually, little to no degradation

The Process

It's Easy To Transfer Movie Film, Videotapes, Old Photos, And Slides To Digital


Place Your Order

  • No need to count or sort.
  • Ship your materials to Memory Fortress.

We Scan & Review

  • Quality digitization in just five days.

  • We crop, rotate, and color-correct all images.

  • We remove dust and minor blemishes.


Fast, Safe, Convenient

  • We ship your originals and new digital memories.

  • All packages are tracked, and we back up all files.

  • Turnaround time is five business days for most orders.


Share & Enjoy

  • Share your new USB flash drive and DVDs

  • You can also download from Dropbox

  • All digital files can be shared easily on all platforms

The Process Of Converting Hi8 Tapes To Digital

Converting Hi8 tapes to digital formats involves several crucial steps to ensure the preservation of quality and the integrity of the original recordings.

With the old camcorder becoming outdated, many find themselves with old HI8 – 8 mm tapes but need a means to convert them.

This is where Memory Fortress steps in. Our online service makes converting these tapes to DVD or other different formats easy and convenient, eliminating the need for outdated equipment.

List of Steps for Conversion:

  1. Tape Evaluation: Each Hi8 tape is carefully evaluated to determine the best digital transfer services.
  2. Digitization Process: The tapes are digitized utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring high-quality digital output.
  3. Quality Check: Each digitized file is thoroughly checked to provide the best quality possible.
  4. Delivery of Digital Files: The converted files are delivered in your chosen format, DVD, USB, or secure cloud storage.

Prices and Devices


Cost-Effective And Efficient Services

Memory Fortress offers an affordable and efficient solution to convert your Hi8 tapes to digital.

A transparent pricing model ensures that converting original memories to digital media is cost-effective and straightforward.

This approach makes the service accessible to a broader audience, ensuring more people can preserve their cherished memories for years.

Pricing for Processing:

  • 1 tape – $20
  • 2-10 tapes – $18 each (10% off)
  • 11-20 tapes – $17 each (15% off)
  • 21-50 tapes – $16 each (20% off)
  • 51-100 tapes – $15 each (25% off)
  • 101+ tapes – $14 each (30% off)

Additional notes:

  • Betamax/PAL/Micro MV – $32 each
  • MP4 Conversion – $4 each
  • Orders under 30 tapes should take 1-2 weeks.
  • Please give us two weeks above 30 tapes.

Delivery Options:

  • DVDs – one DVD per tape. Our DVDs can hold up to 4.7GB of data each. We will split files larger than 4.7GB across two DVDs.
  • USB flash drives – We can fit as many tapes as you like on our flash drives. This is usually the better option if you have more than ten videos.
  • External hard drives – We deliver these to larger customers (usually over 40 tapes).
  • Dropbox – is also an excellent option for customers with larger quantities.
  • Digital format – All digital files you receive will be in MP4 format.

Delivery Pricing:

  • DVDs – no additional charge for 1st DVD per tape.
  • Additional DVDs – $9 per DVD for the 2nd and all subsequent copies.
  • USB flash drives – same as on the Pricing Grid (8GB=$12, 16GB=$20, 32GB=$33, 64GB=$45, 128GB=$65, 256GB=$85), all fully loaded.
  • External hard drives – $145 for a fully loaded 1TB Seagate external drive. Custom pricing on drives greater than 1TB.
  • Dropbox – $10 flat charge. The Dropbox link is active for 14 days after you pay.

We Help You Keep The Memories
For Many Generations

Benefits Of Converting Your Hi-8 Tapes To Digital

Converting your Hi8 tapes to digital formats offers numerous advantages:

Longevity: Digital formats are less susceptible to degradation over time than physical tapes.

Accessibility: Easily access your home family videos on various digital devices.

Sharing Capabilities: Share your memories effortlessly with friends and family.

Space Efficiency: Digital files occupy much less physical space than tapes.

Preservation: Protects your memories from the risks of tape deterioration.

How Memory Fortress Ensures The Safety And Quality Of Your Memories:

Memory Fortress prioritizes the safety and quality of your memories throughout the conversion process.

By choosing a professional service like Memory Fortress, you bypass the need for personal equipment, which might not yield the same professional results.

Our expert technicians are dedicated to handling your Hi8 tapes with the highest professionalism and technical skills.

Hi8 To Digital

Customized Solutions For Every Need

Memory Fortress recognizes that each Hi8 tape holds unique memories and requires a personalized approach for conversion.

We offer tailored solutions whether you want to convert your tapes to DVD, USB, or a cloud-based format.

Our wide range of services, including 8mm movie film transfer, Hi8 to USB, and 8mm to digital conversion, cater to diverse needs, ensuring your memories are preserved in the format that best suits your requirements.

Customer Testimonials

“Memory Fortress transformed my grandmother’s old photos into brilliant digital copies. Their photo digitizing service breathed life into our family memories!” 

Anna L

My wedding VHS tape, once deemed lost, was flawlessly transferred to a digital file format by Memory Fortress. Their VHS conversion technique is impeccable!”

James M

The Technological Edge Of Memory Fortress

The technology employed by Memory Fortress in converting Hi8 video cassettes to digital is state-of-the-art, ensuring the highest quality digital output. 

Their equipment and methods are constantly updated to keep pace with the latest advancements in digital media, providing customers with the best possible results. 

This technological edge sets Memory Fortress apart in the field of digital conversion.

Slide Scanning Allentown Pa

Slide Scanning

We talk to people daily who have discovered boxes of old slides from vacations and special occasions that were generations ago. Let us help you bring those precious times back to life in a shareable format.

Negative Film Scanning Allentown Pa

Negative Scanning

If you have slides in a box somewhere, chances are good that you also have sleeves of negatives. This is your family history. Let us help you share the love of the generations. We’ll bring your memories to life. Call today.

Photo Scanning Allentown Pa

Photo Scanning

We can take that photo box and turn it into a digital format. We carefully and lovingly place all your memories on a DVD or thumb drive. This makes reminiscing and sharing easier.

Video Transfer Allentown Pa

Video Transfer

Remember those old home movies? We can digitalize them on a DVD or large-capacity flash drive. You make the popcorn, and we’ll get your old movies ready to share again.

Memory Fortress: A Trusted Partner In Preserving Your Legacy

Choosing Memory Fortress for your Hi8 to USB conversion means entrusting your precious memories to a team of professionals who understand the value of these irreplaceable moments.

Our commitment to quality and expertise in handling delicate media make them a trusted partner in preserving your legacy.

Additional Services For Comprehensive Memory Preservation

In addition to Hi8 to USB conversion, Memory Fortress offers a range of services to ensure all your memory preservation needs are met.

These include converting 8mm movies, transferring Hi8, and camcorder to DVD conversions. Our comprehensive approach ensures that memory is included in the transition to the digital age.

Concluding Thoughts

Memory Fortress is a beacon for those seeking to preserve their memories in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Our 8 mm to Digital service is more than just a conversion process; it’s a gateway to reliving and sharing your most treasured moments with future generations.

With Memory Fortress, your memories are not just stored but celebrated.

Keith Osbon

Keith Osbon


Keith Osbon is the founder and President of Memory Fortress. 

He has been passionate about preserving his family’s history and launched the company in 2015 to address the vital need that all Americans have.

Before Memory Fortress, Keith worked as a senior executive in digital analytics, starting in 2009. 

A former Army captain, he began his post-military career in 1997 as a quantitative money manager for Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. 

Keith has a BA from Duke University and an MBA from the University of Georgia.

Dustin Williams

Dustin Williams

Office Administrator

Dustin Williams is the Office Administrator at Memory Fortress. He helps oversee the business’s daily operations, assures the high quality of our work, and maintains customer satisfaction.

At Memory Fortress, Dustin ensures that your family’s memories are handled with the same utmost care and consideration he would desire for his family memorabilia.

Dustin has over eight years of experience in customer service, including his time as a Front Desk Supervisor at Hyatt Regency Atlanta.

Lori Griggs

Lori Griggs

Creative Director

Lori Griggs is the Creative Director for Memory Fortress. 

She has been with the company since its inception in 2015 and has focused on photo scanning and old documents. 

Lori is an avid researcher, and much of our initial equipment came from her recommendations and purchases. 

In addition to her contributions to Memory Fortress, she is a talented painter.

She has a BFA from Georgia Southwestern University.

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Hi8 To Digital FAQs

How to convert 8mm tapes to DVD without camcorder

The camcorder is an outdated piece of equipment these days. If you have old HI8/8mm tapes laying around and no way of converting them to digital we have you covered. Memory Fortress is an online service that converts 8mm tapes to DVD for you.

What is Hi8 to Digital Conversion and why is it necessary?

Hi8 to Digital Conversion is the process of transferring video content from Hi8 tapes, a popular format in the late 80s and 90s, to modern digital formats. This is essential because Hi8 tapes degrade over time, and converting them to digital formats ensures the preservation and accessibility of these precious memories for future generations.

What services does Memory Fortress offer for Hi8 tape conversion?

Memory Fortress specializes in converting Hi8 and 8mm tapes to digital formats. They provide a comprehensive service that includes professional scanning, rotation, color correction, and dust and blemish removal, delivering high-quality digital files on DVDs, USBs, or via cloud storage.

How does Memory Fortress ensure the quality of the digital conversion?

Memory Fortress employs state-of-the-art equipment and skilled technicians to handle the digitization process. Each tape undergoes a careful evaluation and digitization, ensuring the integrity and quality of the original recordings are maintained. The digital output is then thoroughly checked for quality before delivery.

What are the benefits of converting Hi8 tapes to digital?

Converting Hi8 tapes to digital formats offers several advantages, such as enhanced longevity, as digital formats are less prone to degradation. It also provides easy access to videos on various devices, efficient sharing capabilities, space efficiency in storage, and overall better preservation of your memories.

What pricing and delivery options does Memory Fortress offer for Hi8 tape conversion?

Memory Fortress offers transparent and cost-effective pricing, starting at $20 per tape with bulk discounts. Delivery options include DVDs, USB flash drives, external hard drives, and cloud storage via Dropbox. The company ensures a fast turnaround time and a no-charge policy for additional DVDs after the first.

What is Hi8 to digital conversion?

Hi8 to digital conversion is the process of transferring video content from Hi8 tapes—a popular analog format from the late 1980s and 1990s—to a digital format. This conversion is essential for preserving the quality and accessibility of the recordings, as analog tapes degrade over time.

Why is it important to convert Hi8 tapes to digital?

Converting Hi8 tapes to digital is important because it safeguards your memories from the natural degradation of analog media. Digital formats are more durable and less susceptible to quality loss over time. Additionally, digital videos are easier to store, share, and access on modern devices.

What digital formats are available for Hi8 tape conversions?

Common digital formats for Hi8 conversions include DVD, Blu-ray, MP4 files on USB drives, and cloud-based storage solutions. These formats ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices and offer convenient access and sharing options.

How do I choose a service provider for converting my Hi8 tapes?

When selecting a service provider for Hi8 to digital conversion, consider factors such as their technical expertise, equipment quality, turnaround time, pricing, and customer reviews. Look for providers who specialize in media conversion and have a track record of handling delicate analog media with care.

What are the challenges of Hi8 to digital conversion?

The main challenges in converting Hi8 tapes include the potential degradation of the tapes, difficulty in finding working Hi8 playback equipment, and the technical know-how required for high-quality digital conversion. Professional services mitigate these issues with specialized equipment and expertise.

How long does the Hi8 to digital conversion process take?

The time required for Hi8 to digital conversion varies depending on the service provider and the number of tapes. Typically, professional services can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. The process may take longer for larger volumes of tapes or if additional restoration work is needed.

What quality can I expect from the converted digital files?

The quality of converted digital files largely depends on the original Hi8 tape's condition and the conversion process's quality. Professional conversion services use advanced equipment and techniques to ensure the highest possible quality, often enhancing color, brightness, and removing imperfections.

Are there any privacy concerns with Hi8 to digital conversion services?

Reputable Hi8 to digital conversion services take privacy and confidentiality seriously. They often have strict policies in place to ensure that your content is securely handled and your privacy is maintained throughout the conversion process.

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