How To Transfer Film To Digital And Preserve Precious Memories

In a world of rapidly advancing technology, preserving your family’s precious memories captured on old 8mm and 16 mm film reels is easier and more critical than ever.

Memory Fortress specializes in converting old films into digital files, ensuring that your cherished moments can be easily shared with friends and family for generations.

In this guide, we will transfer film to digital, highlight its unique aspects, and showcase success stories demonstrating our expertise.

The Importance Of Preserving Old Films

Old film reels hold a treasure trove of memories, from family gatherings to special occasions.

However, the quality of these films can deteriorate over time, making it crucial to transfer them to digital files before they are lost forever.

Converting old films into a digital format preserves the images and enhances their quality, ensuring that every detail is captured precisely.

Old 8Mm Movie Film Transfer

The Film Transfer Process

At Memory Fortress, we take the utmost care in preserving your old films. Our expert technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to digitize each frame of your film reels.

The process involves a progressive scan capture system that meticulously captures each frame, producing the best possible quality.

We understand that your family memories are irreplaceable and treat them as such.

Digital Download And Storage Options

Once the video transfer service is complete, you have various digital download and storage options.

You can receive your digitized films on a hard drive or USB drive or access them through secure online storage services like Google Drive.

This flexibility ensures you can easily share and enjoy memories on modern devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Burning Photos To Dvd

High-Quality Digital Copies

Our movie film transfer service is designed to deliver the best quality digital copies.

We ensure that the digital image matches the original film’s quality, offering options for standard and high-definition transfers.

This means that your memories will look as good as, if not better, the original film.

The Convenience Of Digital

One of the most significant advantages of transferring film to digital is its convenience.

No more hassle with old film projectors or VHS tapes. With digital files, you can play your memories on a DVD player, stream them on your TV, or share them with loved ones through various media platforms.

Converting 8Mm Film To Dvd

Our team at Memory Fortress receives new requests each week to transfer film to digital files. This guide will walk you through the entire process.

Throughout the 20th century, film format cameras were commonplace in American households. Families documented important memories and key events, then dropped off their film at One Hour Photo stands. They could preserve the prints in photo albums or display them on their walls. While digital photography and smartphones have replaced film for most people, older cameras are returning.

However, if you are sorting through decades of old memories, you might discover undeveloped films with photos you would like to access. Even if the images are decades old, transferring film to digital is still possible. Learn more about this process, our pricing, and other factors to consider so you can begin your project.

We Transfer All Types of Film Negatives Our Memory Fortress team handles various media forms, from slides to scrapbooks. We can readily undertake your project to transfer film to digital files. Here are just a few types of film that we are experienced in processing:

  • 35mm negatives
  • 126 film negatives
  • 110 film negatives
  • Glass plate negatives

If you have a unique type of film that hasn’t been commonly used in past decades, please get in touch with our team to inquire about it. We can assess your digitization needs and assure you we can handle your project.

Video Transfer Services Prices

Get A Price Estimate For Your Film Transfer Project

We advise our customers that they don’t need to provide an exact count of the number of photos, videos, or film sleeves they want digitized.

You can get an idea of the project’s cost if you have a rough estimate. This estimate allows us to promptly allocate the necessary time to complete your film transfer.

Once your project is finished, we will send you a final invoice describing the negatives we scanned.

For your budget, you can expect to pay 75 cents per image for 35mm film. If your film is faded or damaged, we offer color correction and restoration at an additional cost of 50 cents per image.

If you have uncommon negatives, the cost of transferring film to digital may be slightly higher to account for the specialized technology our team needs to use to achieve the best possible results.

This price range can help you estimate your costs. For example, if you have three rolls of film that amount to around 90 images, you can budget approximately $68 for us to digitize your memories.

Tell Us How You Want Your Digital Files Delivered

Another thing to consider as you budget for your digitization project is how you’d like us to deliver the files.

The easiest and quickest method for us to send over images is via the cloud. About 30% of customers who transfer film to digital choose this method.

Once the project is complete, we’ll provide you with a link to your images, allowing you to download the files to your computer.

Another option is to receive your images on a USB drive, which we’ll ship to you. This is our most popular choice, with 90% of customers selecting this method.

A USB stick is often preferred because it doesn’t take up space on your computer or your preferred cloud storage method, such as a Dropbox account or Google Drive.

Prices vary depending on the delivery method you choose. Cloud delivery has a flat $10 fee, regardless of the number of negatives you need us to scan.

The cost of the USB drive will vary depending on the number of images you have. Our smallest USB drive is 8 GB and costs $12. For reference, a 16 GB USB drive can hold nearly 10,000 photos.

Other storage options include an external hard drive or images saved on DVDs. An external hard drive is our largest storage option, and you likely won’t need it unless you have many negatives to scan.

DVDs are popular with some customers but offer less flexibility and storage than USB drives. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about these options.

It’s Important To Transfer Film To Digital Sooner Rather Than Later

Many believe their memories will last forever, but that’s not true. Photos fade over time and can become worn due to exposure to the elements, including sun, humidity, and dry air.

This is also true for film. Our customers often reach out because they are concerned about their VHS tapes and film reels, which lose up to 20% of their quality every 10 years.

Your photo negatives weren’t meant to hold onto those images permanently; they were intended to be developed so the photos could be preserved.

If you have film negatives from the 1970s or 1980s, they are close to 50 years old, if not older.

We will do our best to preserve and transfer your memories to digital files. However, there might be times when we recommend image restoration to provide you with the quality images you expect.

Age will wear out your film negatives, especially if stored in a hot attic or damp basement for several years.

Don’t wait another year to digitize your memories. You can transfer film to digital files today before your negatives deteriorate further.

Who Scans 8Mm Film

Start The Process To Transfer Film To Digital Today

Don’t take the risk that your film negatives can last for several years; they are likely already fading and breaking down.

The sooner you invest in digitization, the higher the chance you can preserve your memories.

Scanning your photos now can also help you save money; you might not have to pay for color restoration and touch-ups if you digitize your memories before they fade.

Click the Order Now button to begin working with Memory Fortress. For only $29 down, you can start transferring film to digital and preserve the memories you hold dear.


Preserving your family’s old film

Transferring them to a digital format is not only a practical choice but also a way to ensure that the moments you hold dear can be enjoyed by future generations.

Memory Fortress’s expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and commitment to quality make us the best option for your film digitization service needs.

Say goodbye to the hassle of old projectors and welcome the convenience of digital files.

Contact us today, and let us help you preserve your special moments in the latest digital formats.

Transferring film to digital is a straightforward yet critical step in safeguarding your family’s legacy.

Memory Fortress is your trusted partner in this journey, offering top-notch expertise and technology to make it happen.

Don’t let your precious memories fade away—digitize them with Memory Fortress for peace of mind and easy sharing with loved ones.

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