If you want to digitize Super 8 movies, Memory Fortress is here to help. We frequently handle this film and can carefully convert your movies into digital files. 

The 20th Century brought countless innovations to American households, from the refrigerator to the color TV. This time period was also significant for families who wanted to document important events. Video cameras became more affordable along with the film needed to work them – especially with the invention of Super 8 film. 

Super 8 film was debuted by Kodak in 1965 and came with 50 feet of slides. This eventually expanded into 200-foot cartridges. If your family owned a video camera growing up, you might have several movie reels lying around in your home

It’s time to digitize these reels so you can preserve them for decades to come. Learn how to digitize Super 8 movies through Memory Fortress and why you should take on this project now.

Digitize Super 8 Movies for $0.29 Per Foot

Whether you work with Memory Fortress to digitize Super 8 movies or contact another company, you can expect to pay by the foot to cover the cost of your project. We charge 29 cents per foot to scan Super 8 film and convert it into digital files. We can handle both large and small orders; however, we set a minimum order size of $99. If you have 350 feet of photo reels, you shouldn’t have a problem reaching this threshold. 

Your first step when you want to digitize Super 8 movies is to estimate how many feet of film you have. Most cartridges held between 50 and 200 feet of film. Gather all of your reels to get an idea of the scope of the project. Even if you don’t know exactly how many feet you have, you can calculate a range. 

When you place an order with Memory Fortress, send us the estimated size of your order. You only have to pay $29 down. This alerts us that your shipment is coming without our team needing an exact size. We can tell you exactly how many feet of film we scanned once the project is complete.

Ship Your Movies to Our Headquarters for 1-2 Weeks

Once we know to expect your order, you can carefully pack up your film and ship your movies to us. In most cases, we can digitize Super 8 movies in one to two weeks if you have less than 5,000 feet of film. We receive large orders on a daily basis and feel comfortable handling Super 8 and regular 8 mm reels. 

If you have a large order of more than 5,000 feet, we might take a little longer to complete the project. You can call our offices if you need your film digitized in a hurry and we will see what we can do.  

Once the scanning process is complete, we will pack up your Super 8 movies and return them to you. Our customers always receive their original copies along with their digital scans. After you pay the remaining balance for your order, we will send over your digital files. 

To get an idea of the entire timeline for the project, please allow up to two weeks for scanning, along with another week or two for shipping the Super 8 film to our offices and for us to ship your reels back. You can receive your digital files via the cloud as soon as you pay your balance.

Choose How You Want Your Movies Delivered

The final part of placing an order to digitize Super 8 movies is to tell us how you want your digital files delivered. The most affordable option is to receive your memories via the Cloud. We will send you a link to download the videos for a flat fee of $10. Around 30% of customers choose this option. 

Another option is to receive your memories on a flash drive (USB) or on DVDs. Around 90% of movie film customers want their memories stored on a flash drive. USB drives vary in size, starting at 8 gigabytes (GB) and increasing to 256 GB. 

If your memories are unable to fit on our largest flash drive, we might recommend sending them on an external hard drive, which has 1 terabyte (TB) of storage. One terabyte is the equivalent of 1,000 gigabytes, which is almost four of our largest USB drives.

Choose the best delivery option based on the size of your order and your preferred storage method.   

Why You Should Digitize Super 8 Movies as Soon as Possible

If you have important family videos saved on Super 8 film, don’t put off this digitization project. The sooner you digitize Super 8 movies, the more likely you can preserve the footage inside those reels.

Film was never made to last. When Kodak created its Super 8 reels, it didn’t expect the home movies to be preserved for decades and passed on through multiple generations. As a result, the video content you have is going to fade over time and the film will wear out. This is something our customers also see with VHS tapes. Film can lose up to 20% of its quality every 10 to 20 years depending on how it is stored. If you have Super 8 movies from the 1970s, they have already had nearly 50 years to break down. 

Make it a priority to digitize Super 8 movies within your household and any other videos or prints that you want to preserve. Not only can you prevent these memories from fading by saving them in a digital format, but you also protect them against physical threats like sunlight, humidity, water damage, or fire.

Start Your Order With Memory Fortress Today

Don’t wait to digitize Super 8 movies. The longer you put off this project, the more likely you will forget about your home videos. If you know that you have Super 8 film stored in your memories, pull out these reels and prepare to ship them to our offices. We are happy to digitize the files and return the original reels to you. 

Start your order today or contact us with any questions. We can give you peace of mind that your memories are in good hands.