Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 18, 2023. It is always celebrated on the third Sunday of the month, which creates a scramble for Father’s Day gifts. This is a great time to honor the father, grandfathers, and father figures in your life. The person you choose to spend time with could be a relative or someone who has helped you grow in life. Either way, this is a day to say thank you and share memories of the times you spent together with a personal, memorable Father’s Day gift idea

Fathers are notoriously hard to shop for. What do you get the man that has everything? Does he really need another tie – especially if he works from home? Skip the traditional Father’s Day gifts and opt for something unique instead. Here are five great ideas that tap into family memories so you don’t need to run out and buy golf balls, power tools, or fishing supplies.

1. T-Shirts With Family Photos

Almost everyone went through a “Dad you’re embarrassing me,” phase growing up. The middle and high school years are often packed with social anxiety where parents are automatically dubbed uncool. However, things change as you get older, and you might realize that your parents were just looking out for your best interest and showing love.

Pick a couple of family photos and design a t-shirt for your dad. You can scan these print photos with an app or make them part of a larger digitization project. It’s up to you whether you want to order a single shirt for your dad or pick up a matching set of shirts for the whole family. All of your siblings can rock your t-shirt design as you take your dad out to lunch for the holiday. 

This memorable Father’s Day gift idea is also a great way to replace worn-out shirts that your dad won’t get rid of, making it one of the best Father’s Day gifts out there.

2. A Photo Puzzle

Some of the best gifts allow you to spend time with the people who receive them. Look for interactive Father’s Day gifts and games that you can enjoy together on this holiday. For example, you can order a puzzle made of various family photos from events. (Depending on your family, you can make this a challenging 500-piece activity or a simple 200-piece option.) As you assemble the puzzle, you can talk about the memories features, and other events surrounding them. This is a great way to reconnect with the past. 

Sort through your memories and consider creating a themed puzzle from the past several years. For example, if your dad is a serious Green Bay Packers fan, collect photos from all of the games and tailgates you attended over the years.

This is the personal Father’s Day gift that keeps on giving. You can give additional puzzles to loved ones over the years and work on them whenever you visit.

3. A Digital Picture Frame

Digital picture frames are some of the best gifts you can give. Modern frames sync with apps that allow you to add or remove images whenever you want. You can add captions to the pictures to provide details about the images. 

Sort through your photo memories and digitize your favorite images. (This might be a great time to digitize all of your old photos in order to protect them.) You can then upload the content to your digital frame so the photos are already there. 

This is a great memorable Father’s Day gift idea whether your father lives down the street or across the country. You can change the photos frequently to let your loved one know you are thinking about them.

4. Digital Memories

If your dad lived through the 70s and 80s, he might have stacks of photo prints from your early years. Unfortunately, these prints will break down over time. Photos fade and are subject to wear because of the elements they encounter. Some of your father’s favorite photos (like your birth pictures and his wedding album) could start to look old and discolored over time. 

You have the power to stop this wear by digitizing these memories. Gather the photos, videos, and slides from your home and ship them to Memory Fortress. We will take care of the entire project and return the memories to you. 

You can start this project now so it is complete by Father’s Day or you can pitch the idea to your dad when you are giving him Father’s Day gifts. Not everyone has access to their family memories and you might need to work closely with your dad to complete this project.

5. A Memory Fortress Gift Card

Some dads love projects. They crave new challenges to organize and better manage the home. If this sounds like your father, look no further than Memory Fortress for your Father’s Day gifts. We offer gift cards at different values to help you start your digitization project. 

Your dad can take the gift card, organize your old family memories, and declutter the house through the digitization process. This is also a great gift idea if your father had an old camcorder when you were a child. They might have dozens of tapes that they don’t know how to access and watch. A Memory Fortress gift card can give these memories back to your father by allowing them to watch digitized videos on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Get Your Father’s Day Gifts at Memory Fortress

Whether you are giving your dad a gift card for Father’s Day or you need to digitize files to put together a gift, learn more about the process of digitizing old media through Memory Fortress. Our team can handle orders of all sizes and deliver files via the Cloud, USB drive, or DVDs. We regularly scan photos, videos, slides, and other media. We also work quickly and strive to complete most orders within five business days. This allows you to finish your project quickly — ideally before Father’s Day.  

Don’t scramble for personal and memorable Father’s Day gift ideas this year. Work with Memory Fortress to preserve your memories and give unforgettable presents to your dad.