It’s okay if you’re scrambling to find last-minute Christmas presents, you can still give an amazing gift to friends and family members with a Memory Fortress gift card. We turn all forms of old media (from film rolls to VHS tapes) into digital files. If your relative has faded photo albums or boxes of tapes they never watch, this could be a great gift idea to help bring these memories back to life. 

Follow this process if you need a last-minute nostalgic gift idea that your family members will love.

Step One: Give a Memory Fortress Gift Card to Family Members

It’s okay if you are reading this at midnight on Christmas Eve, you can still purchase and download a gift card for your relatives. You can also send the gift card directly to their email inboxes, which is ideal for relatives that live far away. 

You can present the gift card on its own or you can get creative in how you share it. Consider pulling out old family albums or packs of photo prints and tucking the gift card inside. This directly shows how a Memory Fortress gift card can preserve key memories by turning them into digital files.

Step Two: Gather All of Your Photos, Videos, Slides, and Media

While a Memory Fortress gift card is a great start for helping your relatives preserve their memories, you can add value to your nostalgic gift idea by helping your relatives sort and ship their items. You don’t have to start this project on Christmas Day, but the final days of the year are a good time for organizing and gathering old memories

Search through the house and make sure you have all of the memories you want to digitize. This includes videos from a long-forgotten tape recorder and photos tucked into books, albums, and drawers. 

Get to know some of the media formats we accept so you know what memories to look out for. Ask your relative if they have slides tucked away or check for folders of film. It’s not uncommon for customers to send us multiple boxes with items they found after their initial order. You can save time and money by searching for everything at once.

Step Three: Organize Your Memories

Once you have all of your media, it’s time to sort through it. Our team at Memory Fortress won’t label every photo, but we can group them together by theme. Follow a few of our best practices for organizing your photos so you can easily find them in a digital format. This will be the most time-consuming part of the project. 

Giving a Memory Fortress gift card can help your relatives save several hours of individual digitization. However, it might take time to sort through all of your memories. You can leave photos that are sealed in albums as they are. Our team will remove each image, digitize it, and then return the photo back to its original place in the album. For loose photos, place them in plastic bags so they can stay sorted without adding weight or bulk to your shipment.

Step Four: Ship Your Memories to Our Headquarters

If you feel confident that you have all of your memories gathered and sorted, the hard work is over on your end. Pack up the memories and seal them tightly in a box. You don’t want to lose key memories because they fall out during transit. Let Memory Fortress know to expect your order and then ship it to us.  

Our offices are located in Duluth, Georgia. If you live near the area, you can drop them off in person. Just call ahead so we are ready to receive them. 

Your relative won’t need to use their Memory Fortress gift card just yet. We only ask for a $29 deposit to receive memories.

Step Five: Wait for Us to Scan, Save, and Share Your Files

Our team will take over as soon as we receive your memories. We have dedicated staff members to process and weigh the order. One person will be assigned to your memories and they will carefully scan and digitize each one. 

After the digitization process is complete, we will pack up your box and weigh it to make sure the outgoing weight matches the income one. This ensures every photo, videotape, and slide is returned to you. Our team will pay for shipping to send back your original copies to use as you see fit. 

From here, you can decide how you want to receive your digital files. We can send over the images through the cloud or save items on DVDs or USB drives. Once you pay for your order using the Memory Fortress gift card, we will release the digital copies. If you requested a USB format or other physical options, we will mail these to you.

Step Six: Enjoy Your Digital Memories

A Memory Fortress gift card allows you to preserve your photos and videos in a safe format that can last for decades. You don’t have to worry about the sun, water, or fire potentially destroying your memories. These photos and videos are also easier to share now that they are saved in digital formats. 

You or your relative can decide what you want to do with these memories. You can share them with other family members online or upload them to digital picture frames. A Memory Fortress gift card provides long-term benefits as you can always turn to old memories regardless of their original format.

Buy a Memory Fortress Gift Card Today

A Memory Fortress gift card is ideal for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and even Valentine’s Day gifts. This nostalgic gift idea is a great way to highlight how much you cherish memories with loved ones. Buy your gift card today and show your relative, significant other, or close friend how much you care.

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