Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap. It’s hard to appreciate this holiday when chocolate hearts and stuffed bears hit the shelves almost immediately after Christmas. Some people think it is too commercialized with the focus more on making money than spreading love. 

However, you can make this holiday whatever you want it to be. Valentine’s Day can be a great opportunity for you to share your love with your significant other and enjoy a few romantic moments together. 

Check into your inner creativity and come up with a few unique Valentine’s Day picture gift ideas to wow your significant other this year. With this gift idea for couples, you don’t need to buy jewelry or pick up the largest bouquet of flowers you can find. Instead, tap into your memories and the early moments when you just started dating to really woo your significant other. Here are a few gift ideas using digitized media.

1. Take Your Social Media Posts to the Next Level

Whether they hired a professional photo and slide scanning service or not, it’s not uncommon for people to share a few photos of their loved ones on social media for Valentine’s Day. You might see wedding photos online or a funny photo of a sleeping spouse posted by one of your friends. However, you can really elevate your social media post this year by posting photos that you digitized from your print albums. 

Search through your wedding album, old college photos, or even the pictures from when you first met and digitize these images to post them online. Your spouse might not have seen these photos (or remembered the events) in years, and their memories of that time will come flooding back.

2. Put Together a Romantic Slideshow

You and your significant other have been through countless ups and downs. You have worked through challenges and come out stronger because of them. Spend some time sorting through your memories and choosing some of the best ones for this Valentine’s Day picture gift idea. You can put these together in a slideshow or video that walks your partner through the years. 

The future might not be perfect. There may be more challenges ahead. But you can use this Valentine’s Day to see how far you have come as a couple and look forward to the good things that are on their way.

3. Order Fun Personalized Items

If you and your significant other love making each other laugh, check out some humorous Valentine’s Day picture gift ideas. You can order almost any item with an imprint of a photo memory on it. You can find t-shirts, mousepads, ties, coffee mugs, stamps, and various other items that are personalized. Consider ordering an item with a favorite photo of you or your significant other displayed on the front. Imagine your partner’s face when they open up a pillow case with your face on it.  

There are also options to turn these personalized gifts into fun activities together. You can take a key wedding photo and order a puzzle of that image. The two of you can put together the puzzle over a bottle of wine and a charcuterie board.

4. Ask a Local Artist for Help

Look for local artists in your area or turn to sites like Etsy where you can connect with creative entrepreneurs. You can find plenty of Valentine’s Day gift ideas that incorporate your photo memories. For example, you can hire an artist to turn one of your favorite photos into a wood carving or watercolor painting. You can find people who specialize in glass designs and laser work. You might even be able to order 3D models of a photo, recreating a key scene in your relationship. 

Find art that inspires you and your partner and see how you can incorporate your relationship into the medium for endless Valentine’s Day picture gift ideas.

5. Share Pictures with a Long-Distance Partner

It can be hard to come up with Valentine’s Day picture gift ideas for a partner who is in a different state or country. Long-distance relationships are hard for everyone involved, but you can still make this day special. Consider organizing your favorite memories and sending your top photos and videos together throughout the day. You can send a wake-up text with one image and check in at lunch with another. 

This is a particularly good idea if you are able to find print photos that your partner can’t see while they are traveling. They can save the digital files to look at whenever they feel lonely.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Don’t Have to be Pricey

You don’t need a large budget to execute many of these Valentine’s Day gift ideas with digitized media. If you already have the scanned photos and videos, you can put together a romantic gesture (or two) within a short period of time. The goal of this holiday is to show your partner how much they mean to you and how you cherish their presence in your life.

Digitize All of Your Print Photos and Videos 

You can execute all of these Valentine’s Day couples gift ideas with just a few photos that you find in your albums. You can probably scan them with an app on your phone in just a few minutes. However, while you are working on this project, isn’t it time you digitized all of your photos and videos? Some families have large boxes filled with albums and loose photos from the past few decades. It’s time to bring these images into the light and save them in a digital format

At Memory Fortress, we specialize in handling bulk orders of analog media. From scrapbooks to slides and photo prints, we can digitize your memories and help you store them in the cloud or on a USB drive. The larger your order, the more you save. 

Learn more about our process and pricing. Preserving all of your memories could be one of the best Valentine’s Day picture gift ideas you choose this year and beyond.

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