Convert Old Camcorder Tapes With Memory Fortress

There are two options when it comes down to how to digitize old camcorder tapes. You can invest in conversion software and the hardware to read the old tapes independently, or you can work with a professional digitization company. Our movie conversion service team at Memory Fortress specializes in handling old camcorder tapes that are impossible for the average person to access. We can convert your old camcorder tapes into DVD or MP4 format. 

Now is the best time to start your conversion project if you’re wondering what to do with old camcorders and their tapes. Your camcorder tapes might be more delicate than you realize, so you don’t want to delay in turning them into digital files. Learn more about this process and why you should use expert scanners to preserve your memories.

New Technology Makes It Hard to Access Your Files

Over the past several years, technology has evolved dramatically. You don’t have to carry around a large camcorder anymore or find a plug to power your device. Most people can pull out their phones to record videos within a few seconds. 

However, as technology evolves, it becomes harder to access your old files. If you have a new TV, it likely doesn’t have a VHS player. If your camcorder doesn’t work anymore or you lost the correct cables, you might not be able to watch the footage you so carefully recorded

Many customers have reached out to us in frustration, wondering how they will ever be able to see these videos that seem lost to history. Our team at Memory Fortress is here to help. We have the technology to convert old camcorder tapes and send them to customers in a digital format. You can request DVDs from our team or receive the videos in MP4 files

The easiest option when it comes to how to digitize old camcorder tapes is to work with an experienced company that has the technology to do it for you.

Camcorder Tapes Deteriorate Over Time

Your 8 mm camcorder tapes (and other VHS tapes with your family memories) are not made to last forever. The film will become brittle over time and will eventually start to break and shed. Even if you have carefully stored your tapes in optimal conditions in a cool, dry, and dark place, they will still deteriorate in a linear, predictable fashion. 

Eventually, your tapes will be unplayable, even if your camcorder still works. You may lose important parts of the tape because of wear and tear. Imagine trying to watch your wedding ceremony, only to realize the moment when you say “I do” is lost forever.

The longer your tapes stay in storage, the more they are likely to deteriorate in quality. By taking steps to convert old camcorder tapes into a digital format today, you can preserve these memories forever.

At Memory Fortress, we provide multiple storage options to our customers. One delivery method is DVDs, which come included free along with the base conversion cost.  However, we also offer digital files in MP4 format, either on a physical USB flash drive or delivered via the cloud. Over the last two years, 90 percent of our video customers have opted for digital MP4 files along with DVD files. When your project is complete, your video memories will be accessible in three formats: DVD, MP4, and the original camcorder film.

Don’t Try to Convert Old Camcorder Tapes Yourself 

There are ways to convert old camcorder tapes to digital files on your own. However, this project comes with its own costs. You will need to invest in equipment and conversion software. 

First, you need to find a camcorder that is in working condition. If yours is broken, you could end up paying for technology that you will never use again. Then you will need an analog-to-digital video converter and the appropriate software to change and store your files. You could spend hundreds of dollars by the time you are ready to start the project.

The process to convert old camcorder tapes to digital files also takes time. You will need to convert your files in real-time, and each 8 mm tape can hold up to two hours of footage. It could take weeks for you to digitize all of these videos if you have hundreds of old tapes. (Our team completes most projects in less than five business days.)  

Finally, if you aren’t an expert in handling old tapes, you could damage the footage. A cheap or poorly made camcorder and converter could permanently damage the tapes and leave the memories inaccessible. 

Memory Fortress was founded to help people safely digitize their files. We have all of this technology so you don’t need to find it yourself. Our employees are experts in digitizing content and know how to handle old tapes carefully. We have a proven track record of taking files and ensuring they are transferred successfully into digital formats.

Convert Your Files on a Per-Tape Basis

The easiest way to digitize old camcorder tapes is to work with Memory Fortress. We make it easy to send us your videos, budget for your project, and receive your files in the desired format

Our prices are built on a per-tape basis. We will convert the film to a DVD for a single videotape for $20. The more tapes you need scanned, the less you will pay on a per-tape basis. For example, you can check between 21-50 videos for only $16 per tape. If you have more than 100 tapes to scan, you will only pay $14 per tape. 

Our standard per-tape rate is for DVD conversions. However, you can also request an MP4 conversion. This costs $4 flat per tape on top of the DVD price. You will receive the DVDs and the MP4 files once you pay your final invoice. 

To provide quality service to our customers, we set a $99 order minimum for digitization projects

Start Your Order for $29 Down.

Don’t wait to convert old camcorder tapes to digital files. The longer you delay this project, the more likely your memories could get damaged or destroyed. Camcorder film is incredibly brittle, and it could start to degrade without you realizing it. 

Click the Order Now button to start the digitizing process with Memory Fortress. You only have to pay $29 upfront so we know to expect your order. The $29 is a deposit, meaning that money goes toward the order … it’s not some random additional cost like other companies. You don’t pay the remaining balance until your scanning project is complete.

We look forward to receiving your old tapes. Thank you!

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