Convert Slides To Digital: 35mm Slide Scanning Services

Professional slide scanning services offer the best solution for converting 35mm film to digital format, ensuring high-quality results and easy preservation of irreplaceable memories.

What is the best way to convert 35mm slides to digital format?

The most effective method is professional slide scanning services employing high-resolution scanners and advanced technology for accurate digital reproduction.

Professional services like Memory Fortress provide several advantages over DIY methods or smartphone apps:

  1. Superior image quality with more detail and color
  2. Color correction and restoration of faded slides
  3. Fast turnaround, especially for large collections
  4. No equipment investment or technical skills required

While it’s possible to digitize slides at home using a scanner or app, these approaches have drawbacks such as lower resolution, time-consuming process, and difficulty achieving even illumination.

Trusting your cherished slides to a reputable scanning service ensures the best results and maximum convenience.

Once digitized, your entire slide collection can be stored on a USB drive or cloud account, saving space and making sharing and editing simple.

Don’t let those priceless memories fade away – contact a professional slide scanning service to start preserving your 35mm slides today!

Convert Your Cherished 35mm Slides to Digital with Memory Fortress

If you have boxes of old 35mm slides gathering dust in your attic or basement, now is the time to bring those precious memories into the digital age.

At Memory Fortress, we specialize in providing high-quality slide scanning services to help you preserve your irreplaceable photos for generations.

Why Convert 35mm Slides to Digital?

Preserving Memories

35mm slides can deteriorate over time, especially if not stored properly.

The dyes can fade, fungus can grow on the film, and physical damage can occur.

By digitizing your slides, you ensure those one-of-a-kind moments are preserved before it’s too late.

Saving Storage Space

Boxes of slides take up valuable space in your home.

Once converted to digital format, your entire slide collection can fit on a single USB drive or cloud storage account, freeing up room in your closets and cabinets.

Enhanced Sharing and Editing

Digital photos are easy to share with family and friends via email, social media, or photo sharing sites.

You can also edit the images, such as cropping, adjusting color/contrast, or restoring faded pictures.

Slideshows and photo books are simple to create, too.

Best Slide

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Old Slides Into Digital Images
Slides To A Digital Format

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Slides Into A Digital

35mm half frame

Old Photo Slides

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Slides And Negatives

Super 35mm slide

Convert Photo Slides To Digital

Methods for Converting 35mm Slides to Digital

There are a few different ways to convert your 35mm slides:

1. Slide Scanner Equipment

You can purchase a slide scanner and digitize the slides yourself. Basic slide scanners cost around $100, while higher-end models can run several hundred dollars.


  • Cost-effective if you have a large number of slides
  • Convenient to do at home on your own schedule
  • You have control over the scanning process


  • Requires an upfront investment in equipment
  • It can be time-consuming, especially for large collections
  • Steeper learning curve vs other methods
  • Scans may be lower resolution than professional scanners

2. Slide Scanning Service Apps

There are smartphone apps, such as Photomyne or Google Photos, that allow you to “scan” slides using your phone’s camera. Essentially you take a digital photograph of the illuminated slide.


  • Inexpensive
  • Fast and convenient
  • Uses equipment you already own


  • Inferior image quality compared to dedicated scanners
  • Can’t color-correct or restore faded slides
  • Tedious for large numbers of slides
  • It is hard to get even illumination and sharpness

3. Professional Slide Scanning Services

The easiest, albeit most expensive, option is to outsource the project to a professional slide-scanning service like Memory Fortress. You send in your slides, and they scan them with high-end equipment.


  • Best image quality – Pro scanners capture more detail and color
  • Color correction and image restoration are often included
  • The fastest option, especially for large collections
  • No equipment to buy or technical skills needed


  • More expensive than DIY options
  • Possible turnaround time/shipping considerations

Overall, we recommend entrusting your irreplaceable slides to a reputable professional scanning service like Memory Fortress for the highest-quality results and maximum convenience.

Our technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment to transform your slides into vibrant, high-resolution digital images.

We offer a fast turnaround time, affordable rates, and unmatched service quality.

Don’t let those shoeboxes of slides continue to gather dust – Contact Memory Fortress today to get started preserving your priceless memories!

Prices and Devices


Pricing for Processing:

  • 1-500 slides – 49 cents each
  • 501-1,000 slides – 48 cents each
  • 1,001-2,000 slides – 47 cents each
  • 2,001-3,000 slides – 46 cents each
  • 3,001-5,000 slides – 45 cents each
  • over 5,000 slides – 44 cents each

Additional notes:

  • There is no difference in price between formats.
  • Orders under 4,000 slides should take 1 week.
  • 10 cents per slide removal fee if slides are in metal brackets.
  • The $99 minimum order size also applies to slide scanning!

Delivery Options:

  • DVDs – one DVD should have enough space to hold all your digital slides.
  • USB flash drives – 90% of our customers choose this option. There are no limits on space.
  • External hard drives – You probably wouldn’t need these unless you combine slides with a large video order.
  • Dropbox is also an excellent option for customers with larger quantities.
  • Digital format—All digital files you receive will be in .jpg format. TIFF format is also an option (please ask).

Delivery Pricing:

  • DVDs – no additional charge.
  • Additional DVDs – $9 per DVD for the 2nd and all subsequent copies.
  • USB flash drives – same as on the Pricing Grid (8GB=$12, 16GB=$20, 32GB=$33, 64GB=$45, 128GB=$65, 256GB=$85), all fully loaded.
  • External hard drives – $145 for a fully loaded 1TB Seagate external drive. Custom pricing on drives greater than 1TB.
  • Dropbox – $10 flat charge. Dropbox link is active for 14 days after you pay.

Bill F. – “ I was extremely pleased with Memory Fortress. I had about 500 old slides from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s that my parents had taken. They were nearly destroyed by water from a broken pipe in my basement. Memory Fortress digitized them all, and now I have them both on my home PC and backed up in the cloud, so they are preserved for the future. Memory Fortress did a great job and completed everything they said they would do.”

Slide To Digital

FAQS About Converting Slides To Digital Photos

What does it mean to convert slides to digital?

Converting slides to digital means transforming physical photo slides into digital images that can be stored and viewed on electronic devices.

Why should I convert my old slides to digital images?

Converting old slides to digital images allows you to preserve and share your memories more easily, as digital files are less prone to damage and can be easily duplicated.

What is the best way to convert photo slides to digital format?

The best way to convert photo slides to digital format is by using professional slide scanning services that ensure high-quality scanning and color correction for accurate digital reproduction.

How can I digitize slides at home?

You can digitize slides at home using a slide converter device that connects to your computer or a film scanner that converts slides into digital files.

What is the importance of color correction when converting slides to digital?

Color correction is crucial when converting slides to digital as it ensures that the digital images accurately represent the colors of the original slides, resulting in high-quality digital copies.

How much does it cost to convert slides to digital using professional services?

The cost to convert slides to digital using professional services can vary depending on the number of slides, the desired resolution, and additional services like color correction or file format options.

Can I store digital copies of my old slides on a hard drive?

Yes, you can store digital copies of your old slides on a hard drive for safekeeping and easy access. Make sure to back up your digital files to prevent data loss.

What is the recommended way to convert your slides without losing image quality?

To convert your slides without losing image quality, it is recommended to use professional slide scanning services that utilize high-resolution scanners and advanced technology for accurate digital reproduction.

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