Converting 8mm tapes to DVD is a great way to preserve your family memories. It’s fast, affordable, and easy to do!

Why Converting 8mm Tapes To DVDs A Good Idea

Nowadays, many people either have a large amount of footage on Super 8 or 8mm film.

If you are anything like most people, you may not even know what the heck these are.

In this blog post, I will tell you about the process to transfer 8mm film to DVD.

I will also answer why you might be interested in converting it to digital so that it can be preserved for years to come.

For family, special occasions, vacations, and other precious moments you have captured on videos on 8mm tape, you will want to preserve or convert the footage to DVD so that several more generations can see it.

Convert 8mm Tapes Into DVD Video Files

Every so often, we’ll get an 8mm film camera in the office, and it’s always magical watching the footage from years ago.

So you might be asking yourself why you would want to convert your old films or 8mm tapes to DVD.

It’s relatively easy to answer this question.

Here are the main reasons you will want to consider converting your 8mm tapes into DVD video files:


When Was 8mm Film Popular?

Deciding to convert your 8mm tapes to DVD is a wise decision that can help the impact of your old movies last for generations.

The 8mm format was trendy from the 1930s through 1960 and was first used by German engineers as an alternative method of recording sound.

As time went on, it grew in popularity and became a standard way of recording home movies. It is essential not to let those memories fade away.

Many people continue to use this vintage method of watching videos and passing on their memories to the next generation.

This article aims to provide you with information regarding why you should convert your 8mm tapes to DVD format.

Analog Film Like Hi8 And MiniDV Is Outdated Today

Of all the video formats, 8mm film is one of the most outdated.

You can’t only purchase a cheap video camcorder and churn out high-quality 8mm movies anymore.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy this over 90-year-old technology.

If you have 8mm tapes, you can convert them to a DVD and preserve them for years to come while still having access to your footage.

Analog Film Like Hi8

Why Is DVD The Best Way To Archive Video?

If you want to preserve your old family movies’ quality, it’s better to converting 8mm tapes digital.

Why? Because, well, even though DVDs may seem like a thing of the past, they are the highest quality when it comes to archiving video.

I have videotapes (VHS, Hi8 and 8mm, VHS-C, and MiniDV)

  • If the videotape is in its own case, please leave it there, with a label. Your digital file will be named with that label. “Christmas 1991” sounds much better than “Tape 4.”
  • Group all of the tapes together if possible. Processing videotapes requires different equipment than other forms of media, and we can get started much more quickly if we aren’t searching for it.
  • Your tapes will ultimately come back on a DVD … one DVD for each tape. If you want all of your tapes on flash drives as well, we can do that. Please keep in mind that very large flash drives are expensive, but we can put up to 250GB of movies on a single flash drive if you really want that.

I have reel-to-reel movie film

  • Please keep reel-to-reel film grouped together as well.
  • Identify the size of each reel. This will give you good ideas of both length and cost.
  • Recognize that smaller reels will be stitched together during processing to create a single longer movie. If you send eight reels about three inches in diameter (which is about 50 feet per reel), you will receive back one single reel of 400 feet, stitched together. Your DVDs will have several files on them that can be played as a single longer movie.
  • Reel-to-reel movies, by definition, did not have any sound. There won’t be any audio on your DVD when you receive it.

I have documents and/or books

  • Grouping is critical, because we create searchable PDF files from the groups.
  • Labeling the groups is also critical; these labels will be the names of the files.
  • Remove as many staples, paper clips, binding clips, etc. as possible while maintain the integrity of the groups. We have to charge for all the unbinding and we will keep things in groups but we do not normally rebind items. This saves you money.
  • Leave detailed instructions. A lot of what we get are old letters. And legal documents. The majority of our phone calls with customers during the processing phase involve document orders.

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