VHS To Digital Conversion

How to convert video cassette to digital

It’s no secret that video has become ever so popular online and on social media.

Influencers and content creators are sharing videos over photos more and more.

Youtube and Vimeo are the leaders in online video sharing platforms and make it easy to share with friends and family.

How cool would it be to convert 35mm slides to digital, or take the old VHS, 8mm, and Super 8 videotapes you have collected over the years, learn how to digitize these video cassette tapes, and transfer them to digital files to be shared online?

It is now possible to convert your home movies to a computer with a VHS to DVD service by transferring the analog media to digital format.

Interested in learning how to convert video cassette to digital movies?

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Key Takeaways Table

Key Point Description
Importance of Digitizing Preserving memories and ensuring compatibility with modern technology
Methods of Digitization DIY methods and professional services
Choosing the Right Service Factors to consider when selecting a digitization service
Memory Fortress Services Overview of services offered by Memory Fortress for video cassette digitization
Step-by-Step Guide Detailed process for digitizing video cassettes
Safety and Security Ensuring the safety and security of your cherished memories during the digitization process
Future-proofing Memories Benefits of digitizing for future generations
Conclusion Final thoughts on the importance of video cassette digitization


With the rapid advancements in technology, many of our cherished memories stored on video cassette tapes are at risk of becoming obsolete.

This guide aims to give you a comprehensive understanding of digitizing these treasured tapes, ensuring they are preserved for future generations.


Why Should You Convert Your Home Movies Now?

Analog cassettes are slowly going away as digital increases in popularity.

Cameras today continue to get more sophisticated, and camera phones are the chosen method of capturing everyday moments.

The VHS tapes collecting dust in your closet are deteriorating and going bad over time.

A lot of the stores aren’t even selling cassette tapes any longer.

Technology is changing so rapidly that you won’t want to lose the memories of growing up with your family.

Remember dad running around on Christmas morning with his new video camera and capturing you opening your presents?

How about when you learned to ride your bike, and he caught it on tape?

What about the wedding videos of you and your siblings that your parents watch repeatedly?

You could lose it forever if you don’t perform a videotape conversion to switch to a safer, more modern digital format.

How To Transfer Video Tape To Digital

There are a couple of ways to transfer video tapes to digital files. It will be up to you to decide which method is more practical for you.

Let’s look at the ways to convert your tapes.

The do-it-yourself method: If you are a do it yourself type person, you could take on the job of learning how to digitize video cassette tapes to digital and transferring your video cassettes to a DVD or USB device.

You will need the right equipment and technical ability to do the video tape conversion.

You will need a working VCR or video camera, transfer card, and editing software to do the job correctly.

Old VHS and 8mm tapes will need to be carefully handled when converting to digital files. The recordings are old and, over time, have become fragile.

By the time you purchase everything you will need to process the video cassettes, you might ask yourself, is it worth doing it yourself?

Now you have outdated videotapes and software you will never need again to use.

Send Your Tapes To Memory Fortress: The simple solution to converting your family’s home movies into digital media is to send them to us and let us do it for you.

One of our most requested services is video conversion from VHS to DVD.

Our processing is safe, fast, and affordable, making it an easy decision.

When converting old VHS videos to DVDs, you don’t want to trust just any online service. 

It’s essential to make sure that it is done right and carefully.

Memory Fortress has a team of trained specialist who takes outstanding care of each tape transferred.

Once we have completed your order, we return the original VHS tapes better than when you sent them to us.

Click to learn more about our process! 

The Process

Easy VHS to DVD Digital Format

Methods Of Digitization

There are two primary ways to digitize video cassette tapes: Do-It-Yourself (DIY) methods and using professional services. DIY methods involve using specific hardware, such as a video capture device, to convert the content of the tapes into a digital format. While this can be cost-effective, it requires technical knowledge and time.

On the other hand, professional digitization services offer a hassle-free and efficient solution. Companies like Memory Fortress specialize in converting video cassette tapes into digital formats, ensuring high-quality results.

Choosing The Right Digitization Service

When selecting a service for digitizing your video cassettes, consider factors such as conversion quality, turnaround time, price, and the formats they offer for digital files. It’s essential to choose a service that respects the privacy and security of your content throughout the process.

Memory Fortress stands out as a premier service provider in this domain. Their expertise in digitizing memories since 2009 offers a seamless and secure way to convert video cassette tapes into digital formats like DVDs, USB flash drives, or cloud storage​​.

The Digitization Process: A Step-By-Step Guide

  • Gather Your Tapes: Collect all the video cassette tapes you wish to digitize.
  • Choose a Service: Decide whether to go the DIY route or use a professional service like Memory Fortress.
  • Prepare Your Tapes: Make sure the tapes are in good condition and label them if necessary.
  • Send Your Tapes: If using a service, securely package and send your tapes to the chosen provider.
  • Conversion Process: Professionals will convert the tapes into the desired digital format.
  • Receiving the Digital Files: Once the conversion is complete, you’ll receive the digital files on your chosen medium, DVD, USB, or cloud storage.
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VHS To Digital Converter

The VHS tape was a revolutionary media in its time, but now it has become outdated due to digital quality options.

You no longer need equipment like a VCR player, all you need these days are a computer, hard drive, and software to play the videos.

It’s much easier to transfer and share your videos with the world with just a click of a button in real-time.

Converting your VHS video cassettes over onto a USB will allow you to upload to the internet via a USB port on your computer.

Within moments you will be able to share your home movies with the world using social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Vhs To Digital Converter

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Ensuring Safety And Security

When entrusting your precious memories to a digitization service, ensure they are handled carefully. Memory Fortress, for instance, follows a strict policy of one order per workstation, maximizing the safety and integrity of your tapes during processing​.

Future-Proofing Your Memories

Digitizing your video cassette tapes is more than just converting old media into a new format; it’s about preserving history and memories for future generations. Digital forms are easily accessible and can be shared with family and friends, ensuring your memories continue to live on.


Digitizing your video cassette tapes is crucial in preserving your memories. Choosing the correct method and service, such as Memory Fortress, ensures that these irreplaceable moments are safeguarded for years. Stay tuned for more insights in the following sections, where we’ll delve deeper into the specifics of video cassette digitization and Memory Fortress’s unique offerings.

Memory Fortress Digitization Services

Memory Fortress offers a range of services for video cassette digitization. They cater to various formats, including VHS, Beta, and camcorder tapes, converting them into modern digital formats.

Their process is simple and user-friendly, beginning with you sending your videos to their facility. From there, skilled technicians carefully handle your order, ensuring each tape is digitized with the highest quality standards.

Their service extends to various locations, providing tailored solutions for local needs. For example, their video transfer service in Wilmington offers specialized services for the community in that area​.

Features Of Memory Fortress Video Transfer Services

The Impact Of Digitization On Cultural Preservation

Digitizing video cassette tapes plays a crucial role in cultural preservation.

By converting these old formats into digital files, we ensure that the rich tapestry of our past—in historical documentaries, family videos, or cultural events—is not lost to the ravages of time.

This digital transformation makes it possible for future generations to access and understand their heritage.

Memory Fortress: A Partner In Preserving Your Legacy

Memory Fortress has established itself as a reliable partner in this preservation journey.

Their commitment to quality, security, and personalized service makes them ideal for safeguarding their video memories.

The bar chart visualizes the key features that make Memory Fortress stand out in video digitization services.

The Future Of Digital Memories

As we move further into the digital age, the importance of digitizing older media formats becomes increasingly apparent.

This not only helps preserve memories but also facilitates the sharing of these memories in a format that is compatible with modern technology.

Services like Memory Fortress play a pivotal role in this transition, ensuring that our past remains a tangible part of our future.

Impact Of Digitization On Cultural And Personal History Preservation

Each element—from preserving memories to ensuring technological compatibility—plays a significant role in digitization, underscoring its importance in contemporary society.

Memory Fortress, focusing on quality and secure digitization services, aligns perfectly with these aspects, offering a reliable solution for transforming video cassette tapes into durable digital formats.

Their service ensures that your cherished memories are preserved, accessible, and shareable in a world increasingly dominated by digital media.

By entrusting your valuable tapes to Memory Fortress, you’re not just converting old media but ensuring that your personal and cultural heritage is preserved for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

Benefits Of Using Memory Fortress For Video Cassette Digitization

The bar chart above illustrates the various benefits of using Memory Fortress for video cassette digitization, highlighting aspects such as conversion quality, turnaround time, affordability, range of formats offered, security and privacy measures, and the ease of sharing digitized content.

Each benefit is crucial in ensuring a satisfactory and reliable digitization experience, and Memory Fortress excels in these areas.

This visualization underscores the comprehensive approach that Memory Fortress adopts in digitizing video cassette tapes.

Their service focuses on the technical aspect of conversion and pays close attention to customer satisfaction and the overall experience.

By choosing Memory Fortress for digitizing your video cassettes, you’re opting for a service that values quality, security, and customer convenience, ensuring that your memories are preserved in the best possible manner for future generations to access and cherish.

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We digitize everything right here at our facility in metro Atlanta, processed by US citizens.

Keith Osbon

Keith Osbon


Keith Osbon is the founder and President of Memory Fortress. 

He has been passionate about preserving his family’s history and launched the company in 2015 to address the vital need that all Americans have.

Before Memory Fortress, Keith worked as a senior executive in digital analytics, starting in 2009. 

A former Army captain, he began his post-military career in 1997 as a quantitative money manager for Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. 

Keith has a BA from Duke University and an MBA from the University of Georgia.

Dustin Williams

Dustin Williams

Office Administrator

Dustin Williams is the Office Administrator at Memory Fortress. He helps oversee the business’s daily operations, assures the high quality of our work, and maintains customer satisfaction.

At Memory Fortress, Dustin ensures that your family’s memories are handled with the same utmost care and consideration he would desire for his family memorabilia.

Dustin has over eight years of experience in customer service, including his time as a Front Desk Supervisor at Hyatt Regency Atlanta.

Lori Griggs

Lori Griggs

Creative Director

Lori Griggs is the Creative Director for Memory Fortress. 

She has been with the company since its inception in 2015 and has focused on photo scanning and old documents. 

Lori is an avid researcher, and much of our initial equipment came from her recommendations and purchases. 

In addition to her contributions to Memory Fortress, she is a talented painter.

She has a BFA from Georgia Southwestern University.

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