In the world before smartphones, a bride and groom would wait several weeks to view the photos from their wedding. While some relatives might bring film cameras or camcorders to create amateur footage, the photographer needed time to edit and print their professional memories. Most wedding photos were stored in physical albums and moved from house to house throughout the couple’s life. 

Do you know where your wedding album is? When did you last look through it? If you are about to celebrate a milestone anniversary (or any anniversary for that matter) consider looking for your old album and sending these photos and any video footage to a professional photo and slide scanning service to be digitized. Here are six reasons to digitize your wedding album and why this can make a great marriage anniversary gift idea.

1. Digital Files Can Fit With Different Themes 

Some couples closely follow the different anniversary gift themes each year. You might not realize it at first, but digitizing your wedding album can fit into many of these years. 

For example, the 18th wedding anniversary is appliances. In this case, you are asking our team at Memory Fortress to use appliances to digitize your memories. The 44th anniversary is electronics, which makes sense that you would turn analog images into digital media

You can even get creative with this marriage anniversary gift idea with how you use your digital wedding album. For the 34th anniversary of food, you can print a few photos on cookies or order a cake with your favorite wedding photo printed in frosting. Look at this year’s anniversary theme and see if you can incorporate photo digitization into your gift planning.

2. You Can Relive the Memories Together

Do you remember the high you felt when you walked back up the aisle after your ceremony? Or the relief on your honeymoon that your wedding went off without a hitch? These fresh memories can fade over time as life gets in the way. Work becomes stressful, the house needs repairs, and your kids require your attention. 

Digitizing your wedding album is a great opportunity to go through your old memories and the feelings that came with them. You can look at photos that you haven’t seen in years and tell stories about friends and relatives that are pictured throughout. What is your best man up to these days? How different do your parents look then and now? There will be plenty of sweet – and bittersweet – memories to share.

3. You Can Create a Romantic Night In

Spending a night on the town can be incredibly romantic. However, you don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant to celebrate your love. After you digitize your wedding album, take steps to build a romantic night in. Prepare a delicious dinner or hire a private chef to take over the kitchen for a night. Pick up some champagne, wine, or whatever you drink, and set up your TV or movie projector. It’s possible to have dinner and a show without leaving your house.

You can spend your anniversary watching your wedding video and looking through the digital photos that you put together in a slideshow. It’s okay if your wedding video is horrible – you can hear your in-laws complaining over the audio or a crying child blocks the view – because this footage might actually be hilarious with several years to move on from it. A romantic marriage anniversary gift idea like this takes a standard digitization project to the next level.  

4. You Can Display Your Photos Through the Year

An anniversary is a special day to honor your significant other, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide your best moments throughout the year. Use this opportunity to digitize your wedding album so you can look at these photos and videos more often. 

You can set different photos from your relationship as your desktop background and your phone background. You can even invest in a digital picture frame that filters through different memories depending on the day. Look into Wi-Fi-compatible frames so you and your significant other can change up the photos whenever you want.

5. Your Kids Can Learn More About You

If your family has grown since your wedding day, your kids might be curious about what you used to look like and who you were when you were younger. This could be a great opportunity to bond as a family and introduce different relatives and friends to your kids. 

If your children haven’t seen your wedding album, set aside an afternoon to look at the pictures. Be prepared for a lot of questions. Why does your hair look like that? Was that dress really fashionable back then? Your wedding might feel like it was yesterday, but to your kids, this is like reading a history book.

6. You Can Protect Important Memories

Film photos and videos are incredibly delicate. These images can start to fade over time, even if they are protected in albums and stored in your closet. If something happens to your house, you could lose all of these memories forever. No one wants to think about a fire or flood, but these are serious realities that many homeowners face each year. You can buy a new couch or refrigerator, but memories are impossible to replace. 

It’s worth the time spent this year to digitize your wedding album and other print photos that you have. A few hours spent sorting and organizing your memories can protect them for decades and make them accessible on almost any device. This project can serve as a marriage anniversary gift idea or romantic gesture, but it can also give you peace of mind.

Let Memory Fortress Digitize Your Wedding Album

If you want to digitize your wedding album this year, reach out to our team at Memory Fortress. Our team can handle any order size, whether you only need a few photos or videos scanned or have entire decades of memories you would like digitized. We also work with a variety of formats, including loose film packets, whole albums, and various video formats

Learn more about our digitization process and look into digitizing all of your family memories – not just your wedding photos. It might be time to declutter your home and preserve these images and videos for generations to come.

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