Photo scanning service cost is based on a variety of factors. The types of media you send (from loose photos to albums) and the format in which you want the digital copies delivered will all impact your final cost. However, we try to be as transparent as possible with our photo scanning prices in order to help customers calculate their estimated costs before placing an order.

At Memory Fortress, our minimum order size is $99. We have a minimum order size to make sure our customers send in enough memories to qualify for all our volume discounts.  We are one of the least expensive services in the country on a per-picture basis!

If you want to digitize your memories, start by understanding how we calculate your photo scanning cost. You can start an order with us for just $29 as an order deposit. You don’t have to worry about paying our team in full until the digitization process is complete and you have your invoice.

Here’s how you can estimate how much it will cost to scan your photos.

Start by Counting the Number of Photos You Have

To get an idea for your estimated photo and slide scanning service cost, pull together all of the pictures you want digitized. Search through your closets and drawers so you don’t forget a stack of photos or an important album tucked into a bookshelf. 

Compiling all of your photos at once can help you estimate your costs while saving you money. Customers frequently have to send us second and third boxes when they find more photos that they forgot about. This drives up their shipping costs because they can’t send everything over at once. 

Once you have all of your loose photos and albums, count how many pictures you need scanned. If the number of images seems too high to count, try to estimate the number of photos you have. A rule of thumb is that every thousand photos weigh between 10-20 pounds, depending on the paper they were printed on. Plenty of our customers use the bathroom scale to make a guess!

At Memory Fortress, we offer discounts for large orders. The cost-per-photo decreases as the number of pictures you send increases. You could save significantly on photo scanning costs if you have more than 5,000 or even 10,000 photos.

Once you have a ballpark number of pictures to scan, visit our pricing page to see your estimated photo scanning cost. 

Choose Your Resolution

Counting your total number of pictures is a jumping-off point for estimating your photo scanning cost. You also need to factor in how you want these photos scanned.

For photos, you can opt for scans at a standard resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) or request high-resolution scans at 600 dpi. You may want standard resolution photos if you want to digitize images to protect them. However, many families want high-resolution scans so they can reprint the photos and use them to create unique mementos. 

The photo scanning cost for high-resolution scans isn’t much higher than standard resolution images. The difference is four cents across the board. Our pricing starts at $0.38 per photo for standard resolution and $0.42 per photo for high resolution. For 1,000 photos, the pricing difference is only $40! And, we have a new category of pricing for bare-bones scanning, where the price per photo is as low as 17 cents apiece

Tell Us How the Photos Will be Delivered

The next step in estimating your photo scanning cost is determining whether you plan to send pictures in an album format or loosely grouped together.

If you are sending loose photos, it’s easier for our team to scan the images. You can place the pictures carefully in a box, storage container, or plastic Ziploc bag. Some customers send us a box with several plastic bags inside, with each bag containing a different set of memories. Sending loose photos can also reduce your shipping costs, as you only need to ship the photos, not the albums themselves. Photo albums can get bulky, especially ornamental ones used for important events. 

Some customers prefer to send us the full albums. Our team will unstick the photos, scan them, and then place them in plastic Ziploc bags when we are done. You can then restick them when we return the photos and the album to you. If we cannot unstick a photo, we can still process it digitally.     

Our photo scanning cost for loose pictures starts as low as $0.17 per photo. Our prices for albums start as low as $0.33 per photo.

Calculate Your Estimated Photo Scanning Cost

Once you know your options, you can calculate your estimated photo scanning cost. Use the number of photos you would like us to scan and multiply it by the rate that is appropriate for the resolution and how they are delivered. For example, 500 loose photos at a standard resolution will cost around $0.38 per scan or $190. 

Our team doesn’t just work on photos. We are happy to convert videotapes into digital media, along with film negatives, scrapbooks, and other precious mementos. You can gather all of these together into one shipment to digitize your memories at once.

Identify How You Would Like to Receive Your Photos 

Once we have scanned all of your photos, a member of our quality assurance team will check to make sure every scan matches the originals. Then we will deliver your digital scans in your preferred format. We put most photos on USB flash drives, but we can also store memories on DVDs, hard drives, the cloud, etc. The first DVD is always free for customers and you can estimate what your storage costs will be on the pricing page. 

Our team can also store memories on multiple devices based on how you want to group them. For example, if you have four children and want to scan each of their memories onto a different flash drive, you can place the memories in four different Ziploc bags and include instructions on how to save the files. We are happy to send back multiple drives with the different groups of photos.

We Pay for Return Shipping

The final costs to consider include flash drives and other delivery devices.  The price of fully loaded flash drives has a range of $12-20 for photos, so it’s relatively inexpensive.  Cloud delivery is a flat $10, and you may add as many email addresses as you like for purposes of sharing with family and friends.

Our customers pay to ship items to our scanning facility but we pay for the return shipping, so you don’t have to build it into your photo scanning cost. We will carefully pack up your items, weigh the box to make sure everything that arrived at our location is returned to you, and then ship it back. We strive for rapid five to 10-day turnaround times for our customers.

Start Your Order for Just $29

If you are ready to digitize your photos and protect them for future generations, get started with the scanning process. You can build your order to reach our minimum photo scanning cost threshold of $99 but you will only have to pay $29 for now. From there, ship us your photos and relax as we scan, sort, and save them for you. Get started on your order today.

Michael B. – “Our large digital photo scanning job was handled with great care from start to finish. Keith and his team stayed in constant communication throughout the process. I will be using Memory Fortress for our future projects.”

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