At Memory Fortress, we convert VHS tapes to DVDs and MP4 files on a per-tape basis. Prices start at $20 for a single tape for base conversion (plus $4 per tape for MP4 conversion), and go as low as $14 apiece in high quantities. However, the prices scale down depending on the size of your order. As with all Memory Fortress orders, the minimum cost is $99. 

If you owned a camcorder throughout the 80s and 90s, you could have countless family memories recorded on old VHS tapes. From major events like weddings and graduations to small everyday moments, these videos highlight your family’s journey to the present day. 

Unfortunately, many people feel like these memories are locked in outdated technology. They own VHS tapes but they don’t have VHS players. Don’t let your precious life events get lost in history. Here’s how you can understand the cost to convert VHS tapes through Memory Fortress and the steps needed to complete this project.

Understand the Cost to Convert VHS Tapes 

The cost to convert your memories from VHS to DVD or MP4 depends on the number of tapes that you have. We offer bulk prices for large orders, which means the more VHS tapes you send to our team, the less you will pay on a per-tape basis. 

The cost to scan one single VHS tape into DVD format is $20. The cost to scan 2-10 VHS tapes is $18. These prices continue to decrease as the more tapes you need converted increase. If you need more than 100 VHS tapes scanned, then you only have to pay $14 per VHS tape to complete your scanning project. 

If you would like to convert your VHS memories into MP4 format, the price is four dollars more per tape than the DVD option. Please note that the MP4 conversion is an optional 2nd step – while most (90%) customers choose this option, you certainly don’t have to. 

This pricing allows customers to easily estimate the cost to convert VHS tapes before they decide to work with us. For example, if you have 25 VHS tapes and want them converted to DVD format, your project cost will be around $400 for a scanning rate of $16 per tape. Want to add in the MP4 conversion? It’s 25x$4 apiece for $100 more, or $500 total. 

We believe in pricing transparency so our customers can understand exactly what they are paying for and what they can expect from our business. We want you to have a clear idea of your project costs before you start working with our company.

A quick discussion on inflation and price increases.  We haven’t changed our prices on video conversion ever, in the history of the company, since our founding in 2015. And we have no plans to increase prices anytime soon.

Budget One-Way Shipping into Your Project

At Memory Fortress, we split the shipping costs evenly with our customers. You ship your VHS tapes to our Atlanta-based company, and we pay the cost to ship them back to you. We recommend working with UPS or FedEx when you ship your tapes so they arrive safely. 

Pack your VHS tapes tightly in the sturdy box you ship them in so they don’t bounce around during transit. (A translation: Please don’t use an old Amazon Prime box) You can also use old newspapers, bubble wrap, or other protective packing materials to provide extra care. Plastic bags can protect your tapes because they will create a physical barrier between each one you send. 

Once your sturdy box is packed, make sure it is thoroughly taped with no chance of anything falling out. We occasionally receive half-taped boxes that look like they are falling apart from poor packing. See our Safety and Care guidelines to learn more. 

When we receive your box of VHS tapes, we will weigh the package before we even open it, and count the tapes as soon as we open it. This enables us to send back the exact number of tapes that you ship to us. From there, our team members can start converting the videotapes.  

Once the project is done, we will weigh the box again to make sure it has the same heft as when it arrived. It should be slightly heavier, since we are adding DVDs in cases plus one or more flash drives. After you pay your invoice with the final cost to convert VHS tapes, we will ship the tapes back to you. 

We always return the original media back to our customers along with the DVDs or MP4 files that they request. You can decide what you want to do with the VHS tapes when they are returned. Some people save the original tapes while other customers throw them away.

Add Multiple Media Types to the Same Box  

Memory Fortress doesn’t exclusively handle VHS tapes. Most incoming boxes contain a variety of old media. Our professional scanners can digitize old photos, slides, and negatives. We also offer scrapbook scanning services for customers who want to preserve the memories they have carefully curated. 

You don’t have to create separate orders with Memory Fortress if you want to digitize multiple forms of media. You can add VHS tapes and print photos to the same project – just tell us how many items to expect when you place an order. 

The minimum Memory Fortress order that we accept is $99. If you only have a few VHS tapes, consider protecting your print photos and other assets to increase the value of your project. 

Combining multiple types of media can also help you save money because you won’t have to ship multiple boxes to our scanning center. Your overall cost to convert VHS tapes drops.

Pay Only $29 to Start Your Order

Once you decide to convert VHS tapes to DVD format, start your order with Memory Fortress. You do not have to pay for your project up front. In fact, we won’t send you a final invoice until we have received, processed, and digitized your memories. This payment policy allows us to get an accurate count of the tapes and photos that you send us, so you don’t have to worry about calculating the cost to convert VHS tapes on your own.  

We also offer a five percent military discount on orders for any member, former member, or proud supporter of our men and women in uniform. When you mention that you fall into one of these categories, the discount will be applied. Additionally, anyone you refer to Memory Fortress will receive this discount as well.

Questions? We Are Here to Help

If you are still unsure about our process and the cost to convert VHS tapes into DVD or MP4 format, reach out to our team directly. Call us at 678-579-2249. We do not use call centers or automated phone systems. When you call this number, you will speak with a Memory Fortress employee directly. You can also contact us via email or visit our offices directly if you live in the area. 

If you are ready to convert VHS tapes into digital files, start your order now. Let us know how many tapes we can expect so we can start on your tapes as soon as they arrive. We look forward to completing this project for you.

We digitize everything right here at our facility in metro Atlanta, processed by US citizens.

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