Congratulations on receiving a Memory Fortress photo service gift card for Christmas, Hanukkah, the New Year, or any holiday you celebrate. Receiving this gift card is the first step to preserving your family memories – including your photos, videos, slides, and scrapbooks. We strive to make working with our team as easy for you as possible so you can complete your digitization project without any stress. 

Follow these steps to redeem your Memory Fortress gift card and protect your photos and videos for generations to come.

Gather All of Your Old Media to Digitize 

Before you can redeem your gift card from Memory Fortress, you need an understanding of the scale of this project. Start by pulling all of the photos, videotapes, slides, and film negatives that need scanning into one area of the house. Check the back of your closet, office drawers, cabinets, and other nooks and crannies of your home to find all forms of media and memories. 

It’s not uncommon for our customers to place a photo-scanning order only to ship us a second box of items they forgot about. 

Once you have all of your materials together, take a general estimate of how much needs to be digitized. You don’t need an exact number, your best guess is enough. Our team just needs to be ready to receive your order and it helps to know if a large shipment is about to arrive.

Organize Your Photos in a Way That Works for You

Our team will not label individual photos, but we can group them together under common themes. Grab some plastic bags (sandwich bags usually work) and group your photos together by event, date, place, or person. Label each of these bags – these will be the labels we assign when we group the photos. You can also use the envelopes the photo prints came in for easy grouping if you still have them. 

You can decide how detailed this organizational process is. Some people send us all of their photos and videos in one container because they prefer to sort through them digitally. Other customers ship out heavily organized boxes with clear labels for each grouping.

Place a Deposit and Choose Your Format

Click the Order Now button to start the digitization process. We do not charge our customers up front and only ask for a $29 deposit to confirm your order. When you place an order, you will be asked to estimate the number of photos, albums, tapes, and reels we can expect. We will also ask you in what format you would like to receive your photos.

We offer three main options for delivering digital files. Our most popular option is saving photos on flash drives. We will mail the flash drive to you once your files are scanned. (Get an idea of how much a 16 GB flash drive can hold so you know if it is enough for your files.)  We can also save your files on DVDs or send them digitally through the cloud. If you have an exceptionally large order, we might be able to save your memories on an external hard drive and mail that to you as well.  

Keep in mind that we require a $99 minimum order, even if you need to redeem your gift card from Memory Fortress If you are close to that threshold but just below it, saving your photos to a new media format might help you reach this limit.

Ship Your Memories to Our Headquarters

Your work to redeem your Memory Fortress gift card is almost over. Once you place your order, pack up your memories and ship them to our offices. Make sure your tapes and photos won’t be damaged in transit – we recommend using newspaper and other safety packaging to prevent items from moving around. 

Another key aspect to remember with the packing process is to thoroughly tape your boxes. If your package breaks open during the transit process, you could lose your precious memories before they reach us. We have received half-open packages before and there’s nothing we can do about the lost prints. 

If you live near Duluth, Georgia, you can actually hand-deliver your memories to our offices. Please call ahead first so we can make sure someone is there to greet you.

Let Us Take It From There 

Your work is over in the process of digitizing your memories. When we receive your photos and videos, we will weigh the box they came in and assign your project to one of our employees. They will carefully scan each of your photos, videos, scrapbooks, and other items and save them in organized files. We can complete most orders within 5-7 business days.

Redeem Your Memory Fortress Gift Card

Once your memories are scanned and counted, we will send you a final invoice for the work. This will have accurate numbers for the total amount of photos and videos we digitized. This is when you can redeem your Memory Fortress gift card. Add the gift card number to the appropriate form on the payment page along with your credit card information. 

If you aren’t sure how to redeem your Memory Fortress gift card or you are having trouble with our system, call our customer service line at 678-579-2249. One of our team members will help you through this process. 

Once you have paid for your digital memories, we will release the images to the cloud or mail you the digital files saved on a USB drive or DVDs. Our team will also pack up your old media and ship it to you for free. This way you can hold on to the originals while protecting the memories with digital copies. 

Enjoy Your Digital Files

We are thrilled that someone thought to give you a Memory Fortress gift card for the holidays or any other celebration. Your friend or relative cares about your old media and wants to protect these images and videos in the future. If you have any questions about how to redeem your Memory Fortress gift card, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We can answer any questions you have. 

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