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There are several types and formats of negatives, and you may not be sure exactly what you have. Don’t worry about it. Send them all in anyway! There are several sizes of negatives; most of those we receive are standard 35mm negative strips, and these fit in our scanners easily.  Other formats are larger and do not fit into our regular negative scanner; however, we can and do process these, although this takes a little longer with more specialized equipment. If you have negatives, try to specify their size when sending in your order.

What about pricing? Good news … 35mm negatives only cost 55 cents per image, and another 25 cents per image if you want each image professionally color-corrected. Please see the Pricing Grid for exact prices. For non-standard negatives (typically 110, 126, and medium format negatives), we charge a flat rate of $1.79 per image, and this is done at high resolution. Large format negatives (fairly uncommon) are $4.49 per image, also at high resolution.


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