Embrace The Future: Changing VHS To CD For A Modern Viewing Experience

In the digital era, preserving the essence of old VHS tapes is becoming increasingly important.

Memory Fortress excels in converting these analog media treasures into modern formats like CDs, DVDs, or digital downloads, ensuring your precious memories are accessible for future generations.

Our VHS to CD transfer and DVD conversion services are designed to breathe new life into your cherished old home videos, audio cassettes, and even 8 mm film.

Vhs To Cd
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Let Us Convert VHS To CD For You

Those old camcorder tapes, VHS tapes, and reel-to-reel films of all sizes and formats aren’t doing you any good in the closet. And the videotapes can deteriorate very quickly.

Now is the time to bring your memories back to life. The Memory Fortress video transfer service can solve these problems quickly and easily. Let us convert those old home movies to a digital format for everyone.

You have all those videotapes and reels and dozens of them in the attic or basement. You haven’t seen your VCR or old camcorder in over a decade. Worry not!

We have the professionals, the equipment, and the attention to detail to perform a video transfer on everything you’ve got.

Do you want them on a disk? We transfer videos to DVDs and organize them carefully on a large-capacity USB flash drive. Keep reading to learn more about the affordable cost of converting VHS tapes to CD.


Convert Vhs To Cd

Why Choose Memory Fortress For Your VHS Conversion?

Our VHS conversion process is designed with your memories in mind.

Professional technicians handle each video capture device and VHS cassette with care, transferring hours of video with precision.

We offer digital services, including thumb drive, digital download, or archival-grade DVD, ensuring the highest quality playback on your DVD player or computer.

Vhs Video Transfer Service
Consumer Video Tape Types1

Fact:  Over the last two years, 85% of our video customers have chosen the DVD + MP4 option.

This gives them physical DVDs that work on all players and MP4 computer files that can be replicated, emailed, put on Facebook, etc.

The cost is only $4 more per tape, and Memory Fortress offers a lifetime emergency backup of your data for this price!


  • Was the standard videotape for VCRs
  • Usually holds about 2 hours of footage in SP mode (normal)
  • The most popular format in the 1980s and early 1990s
  • Significant degradation of quality over time


  • A compact alternative to VHS released in 1982
  • Also plays on standard VCRs with an adapter
  • Playing time well under two hours (depends on mode)
  • Slightly less degradation than regular VHS

8mm/Hi 8/Dig8

  • Most popular camcorder tape format through the 1990s
  • Can hold up to two hours of footage
  • Deteriorates less than VHS


  • Popular in early 2000s
  • Plays on smaller camcorders
  • Playing time well around one hour
  • Usually little to no degradation

Prices and Devices

Converting VHS to Disc is pivotal in preserving cherished memories and breathing new life into old videotapes.

Memory Fortress stands at the forefront of this digital conversion, offering a seamless transition from analog media to digital treasures.

Our specialized VHS video conversion services ensure your precious memories are stored and revitalized for future generations.

Pricing for Processing:

  • 1 tape –   $20
  • 2 -10 tapes –   $18 each   (10% off)
  • 11 – 20 tapes –   $17 each   (15% off)
  • 21 – 50 tapes –   $16 each   (20% off)
  • 51 – 100 tapes –   $15 each   (25% off)
  • 101+ tapes –   $14 each   (30% off)

Additional notes:

  • Betamax/PAL/Micro MV –   $32 each
  • MP4 Conversion –   $4 each
  • Orders under 30 tapes should take 1 – 2 weeks.
  • Please give us two weeks above 30 tapes.
  • The $99 minimum order size applies to video transfer orders also!

Delivery Options:

  • DVDs   – one DVD per tape. Our DVDs can hold up to 4.7 GB of data each. We will split files larger than 4.7 GB across two DVDs.
  • USB flash drives   – We can fit as many tapes as you like on our flash drives. This is usually the better option if you have more than 10 tapes.
  • External hard drives   – We deliver these to larger customers (usually over 40 tapes).
  • Dropbox is also an excellent option for customers with larger quantities.
  • Digital format   – All digital files you receive will be in MP4 format.

Delivery Pricing:

  • DVDs   – no additional charge for 1st 10 video DVDs. $1 per DVD above $10.

  • Additional DVDs   – $9 per DVD for the 2nd and all subsequent copies.

  • USB flash drives are the same as on the Pricing Grid (8 GB=$12, 16 GB=$20, 32 GB=$33, 64 GB=$45, 128 GB=$65, 256 GB=$85), all fully loaded.

  • External hard drives   – $145 for a fully loaded 1 TB Seagate external drive. Custom pricing on drives more significant than 1 TB.

  • Dropbox   – $10 flat charge. Dropbox link is active for 14 days after you pay.

Transforming VHS Videos Into Digital Masterpieces

At Memory Fortress, we understand the sentimental value of your old VHS tapes.

With years of experience and a dedication to quality, our video transfers to DVD or CD utilize the proper equipment to ensure high-quality digital copies.

Our DVD transfer service caters to a broad spectrum of analog media, from family memories recorded on video cassette recorders to cinematic moments captured on 8 mm film.

Vhs Videos Into Digital

James H.  – “I was delighted with Memory Fortress. They were highly knowledgeable in restoring my photos. I had old still photos and some on old format tapes and disks. They put everything on DVDs and my memory sticks,

so I can play them on all my electronic devices.

They were fast and did the job perfectly and at a fair price. I highly recommend them, and I will be using their services again!

Thank you, Memory Fortress!”

Words Of Wisdom Before You Order

Thousands of tapes and old home movies come in for digital conversion.    VHS tapes tend to deteriorate quickly, so make this the priority.

Footage of weddings, graduations, and childbirths are also generally very high-priority items. It’s much more cost-effective to send in one large order rather than pieces over a few months.

Memory Fortress backs up everything we digitize (including all tapes) for 90 days, so if something should happen to your digital copies after we send them back to you, we have a complete backup here.

There is no charge for blank tapes; you can mix and match all formats listed on this page.

Lastly, if you have further questions, click the “Start Here” at the bottom of this page (or every product page) for more detailed answers.

Click here to learn more about our slide scanning service.

Digitalize Video

Special Features Of Our Digital Conversion Services

Memory Fortress sets itself apart by offering:

  • Automatic Smart Chapters: Each DVD has automatic smart chapters, making navigating your digitized content easy.
  • Flat Rate Pricing: Our transparent pricing means no surprises. A flat rate covers the whole process, from video conversion to DVD service completion.
  • Multiple Formats: In addition to VHS, we handle a variety of tape formats, including VHS-C tapes, mini DV, and more, offering a comprehensive solution for all your old tapes.
  • Preservation and Sharing: With the digital copy of your original memories, you can easily share these timeless moments with family and friends or safely store them for future viewing.

Gift Of Video: A Legacy for Future Generations

Converting old home videos to DVD or CD is not just about preservation; it’s about creating a legacy.

The gift of video, transformed from obsolete VHS players to accessible digital movie files, offers an unmatched way to relive and share life’s most precious moments.

Choose Memory Fortress for a digital conversion that respects the quality of your original tapes while providing a higher quality, digitized version ready for today’s technology.

Gift For Generations

We convert VCR tapes to CD right here at our facility in metro Atlanta, processed by US citizens.


Begin Your Journey With Memory Fortress

Embark on a journey to digitize, preserve, and share your cherished VHS memories with Memory Fortress.

Our commitment to the highest quality digital delivery, coupled with our professional handling and specialized services, ensures your family’s legacy is preserved in the best way possible.

Memory Fortress: Where your past is preserved, and your memories are treasured.

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Our customers rely on us to deliver a top-quality product that is affordable with a fast turnaround time.

When you need to convert 35mm film 8mm camcorder videos into the latest digital formats, USB or DVDs, we hope you will choose Memory Fortress.

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