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Every memory in your family history is precious and you need to preserve these memories in an easy-access format. We can convert old photos, slides, home movies, slides, scrapbooks, and negatives into digital files.


Photo Scanning, Video Transfer, and Other Digital Services

Memory Fortress is the top company for Jacksonville photo and video digitization. Customers from across the state of Florida and beyond send us boxes of old memories, ranging from print photos to VHS tapes. We then turn these items into digital files, allowing families to access photos and video through DVDs, USB drives, and the cloud. 

Analog memories aren’t made to withstand the Florida heat and humidity. The sun can cause your photos to fade, while moisture in the air can break down your old tapes and documents. Many people only have one copy of these items, which means our customers are faced with a very real problem: if these memories are not preserved and distributed, they will likely vanish forever. 

Don’t put off your photo digitization project. Hire a company that can work quickly to preserve your pictures and return both the original and digital copies to you. 

Our team at Memory Fortress doesn’t just work with photos and videos. We also help Jacksonville residents digitize their scrapbook collections, preserve film rolls, and scan old slides. We can handle almost any media format and make it digitally accessible.

Order online, email us, or call us at 678-579-2249 to talk to one of our professionals who will answer all of your questions!

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Jacksonville Photo and Video Digitization 


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Photo Scanning

Search through your home and collect print photos and collections of memories. Many people send us multiple boxes of photos to scan because they have decades of prints that document their family history. We can turn both loose photos and secured images in albums into digital files. 

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Video Transfer

If you used a video camcorder to document family events, you might have boxes of VHS tapes or cassettes in your home. Without a VHS player, how can you rewatch these memories? Send your tapes to us in any format and we can turn them into DVDs or digital files.

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Slide Scanning

Photo slides can paint a picture of what it was like growing up for you and your family. Don’t let these memories fade over time. Send us your slides and let us turn them into digital images that you can share with the next generation.

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Scrapbook Scanning

You’ve worked to build the perfect scrapbooks – how can you preserve them forever? We provide the top scrapbook scanning services in the country. Let us digitize your pages so you can share them online and save your books in the event they are lost.


Photo Scanning Preserves Your Memories Forever

Everyone has a story to tell. Your photos and video recordings can bring your stories to life and put faces to the names that you share with your kids. By digitizing your files, you can ensure that these memories are saved and the stories are passed down to your kids and grandkids. 

Memory Fortress is the top Jacksonville photo and video digitization provider. We work with families who have boxes of photos, slides, albums, and tapes that all need to be scanned. Oftentimes, we receive boxes with multiple types of media – all of which need to be digitized. Whatever you need scanned, we can handle it. No project is too big or too small for our team.  

With digital scans, you can store all of your memories in one place. You will never have to sort through multiple boxes and files to find the right photo that accompanies a story. 

Memory Fortress Prices

Wayne C. – “After many, many years of procrastination, we decided to get all of our old VHS and VHS-C tapes digitized for fear of losing them.  What stood out to me was the quick turnaround on finished product from Memory Fortress so we went with them.  Only sent 60 of 170 tapes but they were done very professionally.  I would advise the DVDs WITH the MP4 option.  It was just too easy.  Boxed them up, sent them and within two weeks, we had them back along with our digitized files and disks.  I was well informed of when my tapes were received and then notified when they were to be returned to me.  Professional and very positive experience.  Now we will send in the remainder for digitizing.”

Photos and Videos Break

Down Over Time

Even if you keep your print photos and videos in optimal storage environments, they will start to break down. The colors might fade and the film will deteriorate. The longer your memories sit in storage, the more they will fade. If your memories aren’t stored well, you risk losing photos because of humidity, which can use prints to stick together until you rip them apart. 

Don’t let your memories fade or get damaged beyond repair. Our team at Memory Fortress uses the most advanced technology available to scan and preserve photos. You can rest assured knowing your digital files will have the right colors and image quality that you expect.

Jacksonville Photo and Video Digitization
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Digital Storage Keeps Up With Modern Technology

As you have seen with your VHS tapes and film rolls, technology will always move forward. The best way to preserve your memories is to store them online or on your computer. Even as technology grows more advanced, you can still access these files and share them with your family. 

You can choose how we deliver your media. Some people enjoy saving videos on DVDs, which they can watch with their families. Other customers want all of their files in the cloud, which keeps them secure and accessible on any device. Choose the best storage method for your needs.

Decide if You Want to

Keep Your Original Prints

It is the policy of Memory Fortress to return your original files after we create the digital scans. We will replace all of the media in its original packaging and pay the shipping costs to send it back to you. 

When your receive this media, it’s your choice whether you keep the original files or not. Some people want to hold on to their photos and use digital files as backup options. However, other customers need to downsize or declutter their homes, which is why they need Jacksonville photo and video digitization. 

Choose the option that is best for your needs, but know that your photos and videos will be returned to your home safely.

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Save Money on Larger Projects

If you have boxes of photo prints and recordings, you might worry that your project is too big for our team. There is no such thing as too many memories. At Memory Fortress, we have a sliding scale pricing model, so the more you need to scan, the more money you can save. 

Our pricing plans are built to accommodate scanning projects with more than 10,000 images (more than 275 rolls of film) and more than 100 videotapes. We can even scan more than 5,000 feet of reel-to-reel film if you need it digitized. 

There’s no need to worry that you have too many memories for our team to handle. We can take on any big project or small project that you have for us.

Julie S. – “I recently brought just over 500 slides to Memory Fortress to be digitized. Since I only lived 10 min. away, and I wanted to see the facility, I brought them in myself. The location is very professional, and I was able to meet with two of the team. They answered my questions and provided an accurate time frame for completion.  (I also have a more unique digitization to do of museum-quality archival positive film w/o sprocket holes, but wanted to see how they did with my 35mm slides first.)

I was very pleased with the job they did on the slides. The images came out clear and appropriately lit. Quality, pricing and schedule met the expectations they’d provided.  The original slides were treated carefully and returned in the same organization I had provided. I am moving forward with having them do my most valued work now.”

Hurricane-Proof Your Family Memories

Jacksonville is a wonderful place to live, but it isn’t immune from tropical weather. If a hurricane is heading toward the city and you need to evacuate, know that your memories are safe. It takes less time to pack up a laptop or grab a USB flash drive with your family memories than to load boxes of prints and videos. These digital files also take up less physical space, which leaves more room for other evacuation essentials. 

No one wants to think about a hurricane damaging their home. However, by investing in Jacksonville photo and video digitization you can reduce the number of irreplaceable items that you need to protect.

Get Started With Memory Fortress

When it comes to digitizing your old photos, movies and negatives, trust is essential. Preserving history is more than just what we do for a living. It’s our passion. Here are some other reason we are the right choice for all your photo scanning services:

Great prices – We are the most affordable service in the country.

Fast turnaround – In most cases, we can get the job done and sent out to you in one week. We don’t charge rush fees because every job is a rush.

Outstanding customer service – For us, customer service is all about great communication. You will get emails from us when we receive your photos, finish digitizing them and when we are sending them out.

National Company – We serve all 50 states!

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