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Why We Started Our Scanning Service

Why Do This?

Our scanning service gets a lot of feedback on the work we do from our customers.  Fortunately for us, nearly all of it is positive, and the rest is constructive.  With that feedback comes other customer questions, unrelated to the quality and speed of our work.  One of the most common questions is: “Why does Memory Fortress exist?”  My personal take on the question is that our customers are looking for some underlying motivation, one besides profits and employment.  And they would be 100% correct.  We do have other reasons for creating this company and offering our services, and I thought the reasons are worthy of a blog post.

Because you die twice, which stinks.

For the last several centuries, the following event has occurred literally billions of times: Roughly 70 years after a person dies (let’s call him Fred), he dies again in another sense.  That’s right – all of the people who knew Fred during his lifetime are now also gone.  And with those deaths go the last memories of Fred.  From that point on, Fred will only continue exist in birth and death records, and perhaps a handful of pictures.  There generally is no video of Fred, no audio of Fred, and none of Fred’s possessions.

If Fred is very lucky, a few of his items might survive as family heirlooms, and he might be labeled in three or four pictures as “great-grandfather” or perhaps by his actual name.  But that’s it; Fred’s personality and disposition will be lost to his descendants, who will only know him as a box high up on the family tree, if the family is lucky enough to have an amateur genealogist among its members.

Let’s not forget Fred any longer.

So for the last 1,000 years, everyone else has pretty much forgotten Fred after he is gone.  That sounds harsh, and it is.  99.9999% of the people who have ever lived have been completely and utterly forgotten, at least on an individual basis.  There is no record of any part of their lives.  As a society, we only started accurately capturing records within the last 125 years for the general population.  More recently, technology has allowed people to capture far more detail than ever before.  Today’s kids often have a photo library of 20,000 digital images before they turn 18 years old.  So, many of the tools to preserve the memories of people are already on the scene, and there is no doubt that we will do a far better job of documenting our own histories going forward.

We can help you.

Memory Fortress exists to make sure that everyone is remembered.  That’s why we make it easy to do business with us.  That’s why we have the lowest prices.  That’s why we have free return shipping.  That’s why we operate out of an office instead of traditional retail space.  And that is why the website is red, white, and blue.  We owe a great debt to those who came before us, who fought and died for our country, and who built the world we find ourselves occupying.  Our company culture is one of tradition, of patriotism, and of remembrance.  We are passionate about helping people preserve their own histories, and making sure that guys like Fred are known and remembered 1,000 years from now.



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