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This is where you input your items by media type, choose resolution, and input quantities.  The list of items is below.  Simply adjust the quantities to your best guess (doesn’t have to be exact) and choose your device(s).  You are going to be charged the $29 deposit only, no matter what quantities you enter.  The purpose of this page is to communicate your order to us before it arrives.  The balance will be due at the end of the process, once we have completed our work and are ready to ship back to you.  Also, this page should give you an approximation of what the total will be.


Photo Scanning

  • 600 dpi, Loose
  • 300 dpi, Loose
  • 600 dpi, Album
  • 300 dpi, Album


  • Reel To Reel
  • VHS/Camcorder Tapes

Slide Scanning

  • 4,000 dpi

Scrapbook Scanning

  • 600 dpi
  • 300 dpi

Negative Scanning

  • 35 mm, 4,000 dpi
  • Other Negatives


  • 8 GB Flash Drives
  • 16 GB Flash Drives
  • 32 GB Flash Drives
  • DVDs
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