$29 Ordering


Get started with an order deposit of only $29.00!  Send us your memories now and we will bill you for the balance later, at the end of the digitization process when we are ready to ship back to you.  Don’t know your exact quantities of pictures, slides, negatives, and videos?  No problem!  Just enter your best guess, and we will give you the final exact count during our initial inventory.


Here’s how it works.  Memory Fortress allows our customers to begin the process of digitizing all of their old memories with a simple up-front deposit of $29.  This means that when you enter your order on your website, you are communicating to us an approximate number of memories in various formats, BUT you are only paying $29 right now to get started.  This deposit is held for one full year.  As long as you send in your memories within a year, your $29 deposit will be credited to your order.  We want people to use the e-commerce portion of our website, and a $29 deposit is just the way to do that.  Other services charge half up-front, and many of them charge the full price before you even send in your old photos.


This does not mean your entire order will only cost $29.  It only means that you commit as little as $29 up front when ordering online!  The balance is due when the order is completed.


Just approximate the quantities of each media format you would like for us to process, and submit your order.  Don’t forget to add extra DVD’s and thumb drives!


Photo Scanning

  • 600 dpi, Loose
  • 300 dpi, Loose
  • 600 dpi, Album
  • 300 dpi, Album

Slide Scanning

  • 2,000 dpi
  • 4,000 dpi

Scrapbook Scanning

    Approx. # of pages
  • Scrapbook Scanning


  • Reel To Reel
  • VHS/Camcorder Tapes

Negative Scanning

  • 35 mm, 4,000 dpi
  • 35 mm, 2,000 dpi
  • Other Negatives


  • 32 GB Flash Drives
  • 16 GB Flash Drives
  • 8 GB Flash Drives
  • DVDs
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